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Don’t get a Job, Make a Job – how to succeed as a creative graduate

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Why I love my job, is that I have the opportunity to work with so many diverse, and inspiring creatives. My job is all about advising, guiding and sign-posting students/graduates and to support them personalise their job searches, and that could involve helping them source work experience, internships to introduce them to the creative sector, or to help them find their first ‘grown-up’ entry level job or graduate scheme.

I am a great believer in when you commit to your job search to set staggered goals, and the reason for this is that when it comes to job searches, we tend to focus on the end result, getting a job offer, and that can be extremely overwhelming. Plus, experiencing the highs and lows is an important part of the job seekers journey. Get to know what you enjoy, what opportunities are available within the industry of your choice, identify the hidden jobs, that no one else has found. & here is the important bit, find out what your skill-set is. Know what career you want to pursue, but don’t yet have the skills/experience? Start getting ‘taster experiences’ on your CV. Think big, go exploring with your job search and the experiences you pursue.

3 Subtle Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Chances of Landing a Job

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Job searches can be a very lonely and long process for many job seekers, and that is why I love my job so much, providing an ongoing service delivery, which supports students build personalised job searches, providing career/application/recruitment and selection mentoring, with an end goal of seeing students get job offers, and a job offer to a student could be there first ever volunteering role, a part-time job, summer internship, 12 month placement or a graduate scheme/graduate entry level role.

Being a part of a student’s job search journey, helps me support, mentor and experience the highs and lows of the journey. It also allows me see so many students grow in confidence, be more focussed on what their job search means to them, and a stronger understanding of what roles/professions/sectors they are interested in, and that they feel they are best suited to. Getting to this stage, takes practice, research, and self-reflection of achievements, and achievements are work, academic, and extra-curricular related. All of these experiences provide a factual story board, to help build supporting evidence related to experience and competency.

I am a great believer that we learn from every experience, and even if the application/interview outcome was not what we had hoped for, we can learn so much, and that is how our CVs, LinkedIn profiles, applications, assessment centres and interviews, become more genuine, polished, professional and specific to the employers needs.

Recent graduate, Jenna, shares her volunteer experience with charity “IntoUniversity”.

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | This article provides some great volunteering advice, and this opportunity in particular, is ideal for recent graduates who are considering volunteering this year. Most employers are keen to see volunteering on an under-grad/graduates CV /LinkedIn Profile, so if you have not yet got involved in volunteering, now is the perfect time to consider it.

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A model employee: how to stand out as a fashion graduate

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | This is an industry that so many of our creative graduates are keen to tap into. It is undertstandable that the idea of working within the fashion industry and the wide range of career opportunities available is so appealing. This is why so many creatives have invested 3 years of study, to identify their strengths/talents, grow as creatives and to build a successful career, but getting into the industry can be challenging and competitive.

So the question is, how can you make yourself stand out, from the hundreds of applicants who all have the same goals and ambitions as yourself? Obviously your talent is key, but this needs to be balanced with a broad skills-set, experience (direct and transferrable related experiences), extra-curricular experience and the ability to network. You need to have a factual story board, that you can regulary refer to that will remind you of your achievements as a graduate & your portfolio of work, and that will showcase all of your skill and work related experiences. Be proud of them, and let these experiences introduce you, as a young professional creative within your applications, and througout the interview and selection process.

Creating wealth: how artists can become inventive entrepreneurs

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many of our 2015 graduate creatives will now be standing at a crossroads thinking which way should they turn when it comes to building a successful creative career. There are many offerings for creatives freelancing/self-employment, permanent employment with large multi-nationals, SME’s, start-ups, and of course the portfolio career. It really is like walking into a sweet shop and deciding what is your career preference.

This is such an inspiring read, as these bright, young, creative entrepreneurs have built their businesses within a short space of time following on from graduation. What do they all have in common, belief in their product, and a passion to make their business a reality. They are also understanding that their business will not be successful unless they are prepared to think with a creative and commercial business head, and not think that their creativing will solely make their business profitable. This means that they have not shied away from developing their skills, which means for some developing strong mentoring connections, and when the business will allow, hiring others to help them grow their business. These amazing entrepreneurs are proof that the creative and commercial can be successful business partners.

IBM Engineer Quits His Job to Travel the World as an Instagram-Famous Photographer

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many of us daydream about the idea of quitting the day job and ‘living the dream’ but not many of us actually sit down, create a business plan, and seriously discuss with our nearerst and dearest (ie. the ones who may not be involved in the business but would be emotionally, and the ones who would be integral to the daily management of the business.)

For some of us, these daydreams, actually become a reality, and they are not a minority, you will be surprised just how many of us, choose to review our lives, and make drastic life changes, in the forms of down-sizing, cutting back on the fun-money’ spending, juggling full-time work and freelancing before they make the final decision to become a full-time freelancer / self-employed / entrepreneur, you decide how you would like to describe what you do for a living. But, let’s be honest it is not just about earning a living, it is about loving what you do, being passionate about what you do, and how happy your product, work, service delivery makes your customers.

Collected Edition | #EveryoneStartsAtZero (June 2015)

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Guided Learning for Entrepreneurs and Creatives | This is the Collected Edition of our #EveryoneStartsAtZero Guided Learning Conversation Series. All you’ll need is a note pad; access to the internet on pc, phone or tablet and the form link for The Guided Learning Journal.


Video – Caines Arcade
How Do You Know What to Sell?
Be Amazing, Serve the Customers You Have (Your Store, Your Way)
Turning On Your Sales Machine
Practical Project and Mentorship Offer

Learning is easy. Visit the links, write down the answer to the questions on a notepad and then add them to the Guided Learning Journal using our simple online form. Any questions you have use the ‘Your Message/Questions’ box.

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Summer is spread out in front of us all. Who’s up for filling the Summer with some amazing first-time experiences in the form of a summer internships, work experience, volunteering? These types of experiences are ideal for students, graduates and post-graduates.

But, doing something for the first time, is not just for the young. For those who are happy in their career, but may be keen to learn a new skill, or introduce some creative skills if their day job is analytical or technical, can be a lot of fun. Or vice-versa. Just by enquiring within your own company, and looking at a secondment, or work shadowing could tick this box for you. Thinking about experiences for your team, turn the experience into a team away day. Looking for something more extra-curricular? Combine a summer break with vocational workshops, this could be a weekend, week or fortnight experience.

& don’t forget internships are no longer just for the young. So many of us are looking for a career change, or keen to establish a portfolio career, which means that professional internships (short and long) are now available with many sectors.

Just think about how these experiences can transform you, build your confidence, introduce you to new environments, gain new skills. & just think about the amazing stories you will have to tell when you are asked “so what did you do this Summer”?

How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You (and Ignore the More Qualified Candidates)

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | This article is highly appropriate to recent or soon to be graduates, who are just about to make the first tenative steps towards their first full-time sector specific position. You have the passion, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role/profession/sector, but have limited directly related work experience. For some graduates, they will have had the good fortune of organising a summer internship, work experience or university project, society or extra-curricular work. For others grads, it will be their degree and part-time work experience that will be their application supporting evidence.

I am always telling my students never to apologise for their lack of experience, or another common apology, is “I am just a customer service assistant/events assistant/hospitality assistant” the “just” word should be banned when it comes to job seekers. All of our experiences add up to something, and it is about taking the time to review experiences, identify the transferable skills, the client/colleague contact that the role offered, and the opportunity to work with supporting services that will enable the applicant to write and talk in a positive way about their professional background, and convince the employer of their suitability.

Charity careers: how to get a job in the third sector

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | The third sector (also know as not-for-profit organisations or registered charities), is a sector that I am a huge fan of, and regularly promote as an amazing sector for under-graduates and graduates to experience, as part of their career development whilst at university, in the forms of volunteering, internships, work experience, graduate schemes and entry level roles. The sector can offer so many types of opportunities and professions. Whether you are just keen to dip your toe into the third sector to enhance your CV, and find out what the sector has to offer, or maybe you are keen to develop a long and successful career within the sector, this article will hopefully get you inspired.