Don’t get a Job, Make a Job – how to succeed as a creative graduate

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Why I love my job, is that I have the opportunity to work with so many diverse, and inspiring creatives. My job is all about advising, guiding and sign-posting students/graduates and to support them personalise their job searches, and that could involve helping them source work experience, internships to introduce them to the creative sector, or to help them find their first ‘grown-up’ entry level job or graduate scheme.

I am a great believer in when you commit to your job search to set staggered goals, and the reason for this is that when it comes to job searches, we tend to focus on the end result, getting a job offer, and that can be extremely overwhelming. Plus, experiencing the highs and lows is an important part of the job seekers journey. Get to know what you enjoy, what opportunities are available within the industry of your choice, identify the hidden jobs, that no one else has found. & here is the important bit, find out what your skill-set is. Know what career you want to pursue, but don’t yet have the skills/experience? Start getting ‘taster experiences’ on your CV. Think big, go exploring with your job search and the experiences you pursue.

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