A model employee: how to stand out as a fashion graduate

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | This is an industry that so many of our creative graduates are keen to tap into. It is undertstandable that the idea of working within the fashion industry and the wide range of career opportunities available is so appealing. This is why so many creatives have invested 3 years of study, to identify their strengths/talents, grow as creatives and to build a successful career, but getting into the industry can be challenging and competitive.

So the question is, how can you make yourself stand out, from the hundreds of applicants who all have the same goals and ambitions as yourself? Obviously your talent is key, but this needs to be balanced with a broad skills-set, experience (direct and transferrable related experiences), extra-curricular experience and the ability to network. You need to have a factual story board, that you can regulary refer to that will remind you of your achievements as a graduate & your portfolio of work, and that will showcase all of your skill and work related experiences. Be proud of them, and let these experiences introduce you, as a young professional creative within your applications, and througout the interview and selection process.


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