Collected Edition | #EveryoneStartsAtZero (June 2015)

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Guided Learning for Entrepreneurs and Creatives | This is the Collected Edition of our #EveryoneStartsAtZero Guided Learning Conversation Series. All you’ll need is a note pad; access to the internet on pc, phone or tablet and the form link for The Guided Learning Journal.


Video – Caines Arcade
How Do You Know What to Sell?
Be Amazing, Serve the Customers You Have (Your Store, Your Way)
Turning On Your Sales Machine
Practical Project and Mentorship Offer

Learning is easy. Visit the links, write down the answer to the questions on a notepad and then add them to the Guided Learning Journal using our simple online form. Any questions you have use the ‘Your Message/Questions’ box.

FAQ on how to use Guided Learning at:

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