IBM Engineer Quits His Job to Travel the World as an Instagram-Famous Photographer

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many of us daydream about the idea of quitting the day job and ‘living the dream’ but not many of us actually sit down, create a business plan, and seriously discuss with our nearerst and dearest (ie. the ones who may not be involved in the business but would be emotionally, and the ones who would be integral to the daily management of the business.)

For some of us, these daydreams, actually become a reality, and they are not a minority, you will be surprised just how many of us, choose to review our lives, and make drastic life changes, in the forms of down-sizing, cutting back on the fun-money’ spending, juggling full-time work and freelancing before they make the final decision to become a full-time freelancer / self-employed / entrepreneur, you decide how you would like to describe what you do for a living. But, let’s be honest it is not just about earning a living, it is about loving what you do, being passionate about what you do, and how happy your product, work, service delivery makes your customers.

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