Creating wealth: how artists can become inventive entrepreneurs

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many of our 2015 graduate creatives will now be standing at a crossroads thinking which way should they turn when it comes to building a successful creative career. There are many offerings for creatives freelancing/self-employment, permanent employment with large multi-nationals, SME’s, start-ups, and of course the portfolio career. It really is like walking into a sweet shop and deciding what is your career preference.

This is such an inspiring read, as these bright, young, creative entrepreneurs have built their businesses within a short space of time following on from graduation. What do they all have in common, belief in their product, and a passion to make their business a reality. They are also understanding that their business will not be successful unless they are prepared to think with a creative and commercial business head, and not think that their creativing will solely make their business profitable. This means that they have not shied away from developing their skills, which means for some developing strong mentoring connections, and when the business will allow, hiring others to help them grow their business. These amazing entrepreneurs are proof that the creative and commercial can be successful business partners.

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