How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You (and Ignore the More Qualified Candidates)

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | This article is highly appropriate to recent or soon to be graduates, who are just about to make the first tenative steps towards their first full-time sector specific position. You have the passion, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role/profession/sector, but have limited directly related work experience. For some graduates, they will have had the good fortune of organising a summer internship, work experience or university project, society or extra-curricular work. For others grads, it will be their degree and part-time work experience that will be their application supporting evidence.

I am always telling my students never to apologise for their lack of experience, or another common apology, is “I am just a customer service assistant/events assistant/hospitality assistant” the “just” word should be banned when it comes to job seekers. All of our experiences add up to something, and it is about taking the time to review experiences, identify the transferable skills, the client/colleague contact that the role offered, and the opportunity to work with supporting services that will enable the applicant to write and talk in a positive way about their professional background, and convince the employer of their suitability.

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