When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Summer is spread out in front of us all. Who’s up for filling the Summer with some amazing first-time experiences in the form of a summer internships, work experience, volunteering? These types of experiences are ideal for students, graduates and post-graduates.

But, doing something for the first time, is not just for the young. For those who are happy in their career, but may be keen to learn a new skill, or introduce some creative skills if their day job is analytical or technical, can be a lot of fun. Or vice-versa. Just by enquiring within your own company, and looking at a secondment, or work shadowing could tick this box for you. Thinking about experiences for your team, turn the experience into a team away day. Looking for something more extra-curricular? Combine a summer break with vocational workshops, this could be a weekend, week or fortnight experience.

& don’t forget internships are no longer just for the young. So many of us are looking for a career change, or keen to establish a portfolio career, which means that professional internships (short and long) are now available with many sectors.

Just think about how these experiences can transform you, build your confidence, introduce you to new environments, gain new skills. & just think about the amazing stories you will have to tell when you are asked “so what did you do this Summer”?

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