So you want to progress your business, career, relationships, creativity and more … but you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’ve tried to change but it hasn’t lasted. 

Maybe you feel stuck or your progress has stalled … something is holding you or your team back … and again you don’t know where to start.


Start a ‘Talk and Transformation Series’ with Tyrer Sorrel.

It’s the best way to experience our products and services. We’ll build it for you.

We build for all budgets, with series starting from £475.

Series are designed for leaders, trainers and individuals who want to take action, right now.

It’s easy to take the first step.    


And the series begins with you

A ‘Talk and Transformation Series’ brings together a bespoke mix of products and services.  It’s designed for you and by you. The series can include: 

Solo and Group Coaching

Training and Events 



Private Experiences 

Copywriting Services

….. and more

It’s all underpinned by our proven, STEP-BY-STEP, easy to follow and highly engaging ‘Guided Learning, Content and Commerce’.  Guided Learning has been described as “Amazing, Interesting, Real, Detailed, Enjoyable and Relaxed”.


Let’s get started

If you’re a Team Leader, organisation, business or group, click the following link to start. It’s easy to take the first step. All you need to do is subscribe. We’ll then talk; sort the money (budget and payments); send you a Terms of Agreement and get started.


If you’re an individual, click here to start. The same steps apply.