• Social media yet to go viral for businesses, CIPD research finds

      Kirstin:  I am a huge fan of business related social media activities, and believe that they can provide big results especially for services that are customer/client facing.  My work background is Higher Education and thankfully my employer has embraced social media work activities and understands that social media is at the heart of our…

  • Subway Excels At Social Media Marketing, Study Shows

    Kirstin:  Here is some food for thought when you pop into your local Subway this lunchtime. http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/subway-excels-at-social-media-marketing-study-shows

  • Ten Top Tips to keep customers happy and spending

    Kirstin: Ten Top Tips to keep customers happy and spending –  I really enjoyed reading this article, good advice, which any type of business can follow to add value to their service/brand, and it is so true make your current customers feel important and find ways to give something back for their ongoing loyalty to…

  • A Business Owner’s Guide: Does Your SME Need a Community Manager? [FLIPBOOK]

    Kirstin:  Interesting read, providing useful advice that would really boost an SMEs online/social media presence. http://www.zooberdigitaltraining.co.uk/blog/bid/262818/A-Business-Owner-s-Guide-Does-Your-SME-Need-a-Community-Manager-FLIPBOOK?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Oktopost-LinkedIn-Group&utm_campaign=%28Oktopost%296+Ways+to+Generate+Leads+Using+LinkedIn+%28Oktopost%29

  • Sainsbury’s to create 5,000 more Christmas jobs

    Kirstin:  With regards to my job, one of the thing’s I love about this time of year is an increase in seasonal retail roles.  This is a great way for my under-graduate students to gain some part-time work experience, develop their skills and get the opportunity work in a fast-paced enviornment that is customer facing.  What…

  • Big business: Social media grows up

    Kirstin:  Interesting article, and it is so good to hear that industry is waking up to the importance of social media with regards to their business growth, and how it supports the customer.  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are always in the background of myworking day, and produces successful business results for me, just think what it…

  • 19 predictions for the future of the contact centre


  • Ticketing group improves the customer calling experience