Social media yet to go viral for businesses, CIPD research finds


Kirstin:  I am a huge fan of business related social media activities, and believe that they can provide big results especially for services that are customer/client facing.  My work background is Higher Education and thankfully my employer has embraced social media work activities and understands that social media is at the heart of our students daily activities.  For me, it is also very supportive to my business development work with our clients, which includes LinkedIn, Face Book and Twitter.  For some businesses social media in the workplace can be seen as a problem, mainly due to concerns as to how social media use can be managed and not misused by its employees, and as a line manager this is something I have to supervise on a daily basis for my team.  I set up a team rota to manage our Facebook Group and this has proven successful, as each team member has set days as a Facebook Administrator.


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