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The #1 Tip for Writing a Compelling, Makes-People-Want-to-Share-it Blog Post

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many of my students are now starting to see and understand the benefits of creating a blog, and how it can add value to their personal brand, as well as reaching out to a large audience.

One of their concerns are the time investment in running a blog. Personally, my feelings are that once you have your blog theme, and the creative layout all organised, the management of your blog requires minimal time investment.

Regularly keep up to date with current news, ideas and opinions, through various forms of research. Allowing you the time to enjoy the fun part, writing your blog. Blogging is a creative and rewarding activity, and the days you don’t blog, are the days that you will miss the creative process of blogging.

10 top tips for being a successful copywriter

Kirstin:  Here is some really useful advice for anyone keen to build a social media/digital marketing related career, there is also hints and tips on how to tailor your applications when applying for these roles as well.

Social media yet to go viral for businesses, CIPD research finds


Kirstin:  I am a huge fan of business related social media activities, and believe that they can provide big results especially for services that are customer/client facing.  My work background is Higher Education and thankfully my employer has embraced social media work activities and understands that social media is at the heart of our students daily activities.  For me, it is also very supportive to my business development work with our clients, which includes LinkedIn, Face Book and Twitter.  For some businesses social media in the workplace can be seen as a problem, mainly due to concerns as to how social media use can be managed and not misused by its employees, and as a line manager this is something I have to supervise on a daily basis for my team.  I set up a team rota to manage our Facebook Group and this has proven successful, as each team member has set days as a Facebook Administrator.


MMU Undergraduate Super Stars – Creating a Digital Marketing Agency

Kirstin:  Another MMU Business School super star in the making.  Huge congrats to  George Whiting who has successfully completed a 12 month business related placements during 2012/2013 with Unilever and now in his final year of his degree.  George, along with Aaliyah Stansfield; Arjun Sohal; Hannah Thorpe; Matt Holton and Mikey Norris have produced this fantastic blog as part of their creating a digital marketing agency for a course project.  If you like what they have produced please follow them. intellectdigitalmediadsmmcm1314, #dsmmcm1314

Re. Recommended Blog to Follow

Kirstin:  My recommendation today for anyone working/studying in HE would be to follow @PlacementBlog on Twitter #Placement Chat.  Informative, sharing and a great networker would be the best words to describe The PlacementOfficer.  It is always a pleasure to work/chat and tweet with you.

Creating a Digital Marketing Agency – MMU Business School Students

Kirstin:  It is things like this that make me so proud of our MMU Business School students.  Gary and Philip successfully completed 12 month business related placements during 2012/2013 and now in their final year of their degrees have produced this fantastic blog as part of creating a digital marketing agency for a course project.  If you like what they have produced please follow them.  , #intellectdigitalmediadsmmcm1314, #dsmmcm1314


Mentors are the secret of successful social entrepreneurs

Kirstin:  Mentoring can be such a valuable and rewarding thing for a mentor and mentee.  This is a good read, and confirms that knowledge sharing can be an amazing thing.  A big part of my job is supporting students, and keeping them motivated and pro-active with their job searches, and I have to say this is the favourite part of my job and can be exceptionally rewarding.