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On the 13/10/09 I completed ‘60k in One Day’.  I did this as a charity event for Merseyside Play Action Council (REG NO: 1048263).  Merseyside Play Action Council is a resource centre which has supported and developed activities for children and young people in Liverpool since 1974. MPAC is based in a fully accessible building in Liverpool City Centre. MPAC IS A ONE STOP SHOP THAT CAN PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE’S PROJECTS.

Merseyside Play Action Council really needs our support at this time because they are seeing a large number of their member charities/groups close their doors due to the difficult financial times.  One of their members has seen cuts of £80,000 and Rice Lane City Farm, home to Baby Moolicious, have even said “without MPAC we wouldn’t exist now”.  Your money will help MPAC continue to support creative and community activity for families in Liverpool.   

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Overview of the Day

"Ultra running is just an eating and drinking contest with a little exercise and scenery thrown in" – Sunny Blende, Ultra Nutritionist

In one day I completed 81044 steps (40.5 miles, 65km or 1.5 marathons in one day). This blog is the collected record of the day and includes links to posted videos, phonecasts and my personal Facebook updates to friends.  As you will see from these collected items the main themes of the day were fear of dehydration; need for encouragement; overriding protective fatigue (anticipatory regulation).  My experience of the challenge left me feeling as though I had left something on the road.  I was satisfied at the end but pausing at the 33.5 mile mark I was a little dissatisfied. In my fear of dehydrating badly (like I did in my previous record of 27.5 miles in one day) I headed home far too early.  I think this was the right move for safety but I was much more hydrated than I feared.  I was “good to go” with 2 hours of sleep so there is much more left in me.  Learning from this successful challenge I now want to work on reducing the effect of anticipatory regulation (Matt Fitzgerald – ‘Training Your Brain to Push You Farther) and my speed endurance.  Basically cover more distance in less time.  I really wanted to break the 50 mile mark and this is my next goal.       

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60k in One Day Collected:

13.41 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update

Mark Bryce – first mile done, only another 36+ miles to go for 60k in one day :)) "piece of cake"! My phone blogs will show on my wall if u want 2 hear the pain later

13.45 | 13/10/09 | Video

Talking about starting with injuries.

14.46 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – has just ran the last few miles 2 stay on pace. Tweaky ankle slowing me down. Hopefully I will get used 2 the pain (2) in the next 5 miles 🙂

15.21 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – :)) didnt think gwinnie wud be out of meetings. Cheered me up, feeling alone. Just doing usual of thinking of hours & hours ahead not each step :)))

15.32 | 13/10/09 | Phonecast

Discussing injuries coming into the event.  If you wait for the perfect day to start you will wait forever.

16.13 | 13/10/09 | Phonecast

Discussing running rather than walking to keep the pace high.  It hurts more when I am going slower.

16.47 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – is going fast & sufferin less. Lets hope it doesnt bite me 12 hours from now

18.03 | 13/10/09 | Phonecast

Discussing pedometer counting slow.

19.10 | 13/10/09 | Video

6 hours in (just about to suffer on East Lancs).  It didn’t last!!

19.17 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – Just done 3rd or 4th video. Used headlamp for lite – top tip that. Just at windle X on east lancs. Feel good. Not far off marathon if use measured distance not pedometer.

20.19 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – tough patch – will the east lancs ever end?

20.22 | 13/10/09 | Phonecast

Suffering on the East Lancs.

21.01 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – east lancs nearly done. Omg it made me suffer. 1 marathon done. Only need a half marathon and 60k in one day will be complete

21.11 | 13/10/09 | Phonecast

East Lancs is over thankfully.

22.02 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – doesnt want 2 eat which is a bad sign of dehydration. Not good. Only 10 more miles tho. Piece of cake that

22.03 | 13/10/09 | Video

Starting to dehydrate.

23.11 | 13/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – .for safety i am transition back 2 warr from etown. Stumbling now & weird temps. V bad. I will get home safe. Rest & try fit in b4 1pm 2moz. Done 32.5 miles

00.07 | 14/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – 33.5 paused at home

09.12 | 14/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – ouchio blisters!!!

10.52 | 14/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – has done 60kms in one day :))

12.13 | 14/10/09 | Facebook Update 

Mark Bryce – 64.4 km (40 miles) – that will do me. Time 2 stop 🙂

12.51 | 14/10/09 | Phonecast

End of 60k in One Day Totals.



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The Numbers for ‘60k in One Day’: 81044 steps (40.5 miles, 65km, 1.5 marathons in one day).

The Records (19/10/09): Total Miles (Since 21/11/05) 6173.30; Day Max 40.5 miles; Week Max 135.62 miles; Year Max 2182.96 miles; Marathons to Date (Target 700) 235; 153 Mile Bike Achieved 13/6/09. 

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