Please Sponsor My 153 Mile Challenge – 60km in One Day

Please can you sponsor me £6 in a charity challenge I have organised.

For my part in the challenge I plan to walk 60km in one day (60kms is about 37 miles).  I plan to do this within the next two weeks when I have a good weather window.  I am doing this to raise money for Merseyside Play Action Council (REG NO: 1048263).

To sponsor me simply go to with a credit card.

It only costs £6 and all donations will be greatly appreciated.  If you can sponsor me more than £6 just change the quantity on the cart.  1 = £6, 2 = £12, 3 = £18 obviously (see FAQs below).  If you don’t have a credit card just send me a message with the amount you want to sponsor me and I will sort the rest.  Thank you in advance for your support.

You can follow my walk live on my live phone blog:

I will give you at least 24 hours notice on my Facebook Profile of when I plan to do the challenge.  If you don’t get my Profile simply subscribe to the RSS feed on the Ipadio page.  The blog should automatically link to my Facebook Profile and Windows Live Blog but if it doesn’t just go direct to Ipadio.  You may also have to use the calendar box on the right hand side of the Ipadio page as I may be doing some of the walk in the night to avoid sun stroke.  Last time I tried an ultra distance I nearly died from dehydration.  Seriously I was an idiot and ill prepared.  Please don’t try this at home without proper preparation and build up.  It isn’t easy or safe for beginners.  


Some FAQs:

What happens if I give more than £6? 

If you sponsor me more than £6 I will split the money with some other participants in this order:

Windy Joe’s 306,000 Ladder Steps – 50% of the extra sponsorship

Joe was with me when I started to rehab my calf.  He would see me limp out at 8am and return at 3pm every Friday.  He has a route in Ashton where I train and he has brightened up many a training session with talk of UFC, health programmes, Pink concerts and parking wars.

Baby Moolicious at Rice Lane City Farm  – 50% of the extra sponsorship

Baby Moolicious is a baby calf at Rice Lane City Farm.  Rice Lane City Farm is supported by MPAC.  She doesn’t have a name.  When I saw her she was 2 weeks old and couldn’t walk properly.  Just like me in 2005.  She is so cute.  If you sponsor me and Baby Moolicious I will send you a special photo of her as a thank you.  

Why am I asking?

My 153 Mile Challenge is part of a charity event I have been holding to celebrate reaching 6000 miles since injuring my calf muscle in 2005.

As part of this event a number of people, including myself, are each walking 153 miles and raising £153 for the nominated charity – Merseyside Play Action Council (REG NO: 1048263).  I don’t receive any payment for this event.

Merseyside Play Action Council is a resource centre which has supported and developed activities for children and young people in Liverpool since 1974.  MPAC is based in a fully accessible building in Liverpool City Centre.  MPAC IS A ONE STOP SHOP THAT CAN PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE’S PROJECTS.

Merseyside Play Action Council really needs our support at this time because they are seeing a large number of their member charities/groups close their doors due to the difficult financial times.  Rice Lane City Farm, home to Baby Moolicious, have even said “without MPAC we wouldn’t exist now”.  Your money will help MPAC continue to support creative and community activity for children in Liverpool.



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