10 Million and Counting

In July 2005 I blew the calf muscle in my leg.  OMG that hurt like nothing before.  I was unable to walk for 3 months and then on the 21st November 2005 I started building it back up, step by slow step.  3 years later, I have just completed the 10 million steps mark, including walking the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats on consecutive days (1000 miles).  10 million steps is over 4,000 miles or the equivalent of walking from Warrington to China!
What’s next?  In the long term, keep on going to 25 million steps or 10,000 miles (‘Round the World – GPS/Land’).  In the short term extend my training route to Lancaster and walk/run there and back in one hit, no sleep and over 100 miles.  It’s likely I will link this to my business plan to "support 20 charities with £20 million over 20 years".    
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  1. I have just seen Mariusz Pudzianowski win World’s Strongest Man 2008 and become the greatest champion of all time. He did this with a torn calf muscle. The man pulled a plane with an injured calf!! I understand that pain and for the first time since he was banned for drugs I cheered him on. If you want proof of the power of the mind/body then just look at this achievement. Impossible is so much more fun.

  2. Records (January 2009):Total Miles to Date: 4263.37PB – Day Rate: 22.22 miles or 55,559 steps (as part of 20 miles, everyday for 14 days)PB – Week Rate: 129.05 milesPB – Year Rate: 2182.96 miles

  3. ‘153 Miles’ Targets:Stage 1: 20 miles within 8 hoursStage 2: 24 miles within 10.5 hoursStage 3: 25 miles within 11 hoursStage 4: 47 miles within 20 – 28 hoursStage 5: 26 miles within 11.5 hoursStage 6: 11 miles within 4.5 hours

  4. On the 1/04/2009 I did the first route recce of the Preston to Warrington Stage. I completed this part of the route in 11 hours 20 minutes (2.43 mph). This obviously set a new personal best (PB – Day Rate) of 27.5 Miles or 68,807 Steps. In doing this I entered the Ultra Marathon Distance for the first time.

  5. 25/05/2009: New 153 Mile Challenge Targets: Stage 1: 25 milesStage 2: 20 milesStage 3: 25 milesStage 4: 20 milesStage 5: 50 milesStage 6: 12 miles + 1 mile (The 153rd)Stage 7: Spare

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