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Music and Miles – The world at a our wheels

From our first meeting at Crumpets Cafe, Earlestown (a fine cup of tea) to our debut ride on Sunday we’ve gone through stolen bikes, a thousand decisions on replacements, birthday gloves and choobs, the best cakes in the world, red rings of death, burnley b, going US postal, 0845 numbers, Windle and roadside brews the trip has been one of the most worthwhile experiences I’ve ever had. After working for 10 years in an office as a drone for the man it’s been the wind in my sails I needed to get out there and do something amazing, not only as a brilliant way to raise money but also to kick start a totally different way of life. Combining music and miles is the genius of Mr B and as we wound our way around Merseyside on Sunday we all felt a huge sense of achievement, a great sense of team spirit and a massive relief to reach our destination 48 miles later. My thanks to Mark B for everything over the last few months and for everything that’s to come, to everyone who took part from my sister Julie and Billy the dog for our send off, Dave for his thought provoking speech at the launch, grumpy Dickie, our tour guide Tom, Verena the engine, Jo at the Griffin and finally to Chi for coming in and adding a superb musical ending to the event. The photos are great and there’ll be a video soon. Next time will be even better. As the song says, “Ain’t no mountain high enough!”

Music and Miles – from Crumpets Cafe to kick off!

My neighbours cockerel is reminding me it’s morning for the hundredth time this weekend, thanks. Like a plane with one engine, the approach to landing of the first music and miles event has been rocky but we’re here. Sadly good friends we’ve had and good friends we’ve lost, along the way but I’m eager to see who is there at the starting line to kick off up the road with us on our first event. Lucile is about to be oiled in preparation and I’ll mark the occasion with a shave. It’s going to be a corker and although I haven’t dared open the blinds yet after this weekends forecast I can’t hear rain and the gales of last week have gone. Fabulous! Thanks again to everyone who has sponsored us for this event and donated into the cash bomb. Time to bend and stretch and get ready for the big off. See you at the finish line.

My Music & Miles Playlist

Playlist compiled by Jonathan ‘Jogga’ Parker  for the ‘Music and Miles Bike Ride’ on the 14th November 2010

Listen to this Playlist now at:

In the run up to the event we will also publish a daily post with a Featured Artist from this playlist.  Please don’t miss out, subscribe now using the ‘Subscribe to this Blog’ feature in the sidebar.

Songs about places and travel:

The Roughneck Riot – Travellin Man

This Order – Blood Upon the Wheel

Evan Voytas – I Took a Trip on a Plane

Eleventy four – La Dolce Vita

The Forgotten Cowboy – Sugar Lane

Monika Lidke – A Winter Morning in Poland

Skelters – Destination

Satyen Thaker – Future City

T.C. Folkpunk – the place i leave behind

Tieken – Highway Baby

This Playlist is part of the ‘Music and Miles’ event organised by Jonathan ‘Jogga’ Parker ( and Tyrer Sorrel.  Find out more and sponsor Jogga’s event by visiting  By sponsoring the event from just £6 you will be helping raise money for charity and help us stage similar events in the future.  Please show your support and click ‘Sponsor Now’ on


Music and Miles – A Puncture in Anfield

Lucile took her first hit for the cause today with a burst tyre just outside Liverpool City Centre. Quite what we were doing going that far up the East Lancs is a wonder, we should have turned around at Windle after having some lovely vegetarian patties and a mars bar : )

Today was the first training ride with our new member Verena who as a teenager thought nothing of cycling to Hungary. Music and Miles surely wouldn’t pose too much of an issue and it didn’t. We made great time up the East Lancs only to be met with doom in Liverpool.

It was great to see for real the route we’ll be taking next Sunday and find any pit falls. Parts of the cycling path around Knowsley are brilliant so I think we’ll make decent time around there. Now I’m of the mindest to take a spare one of everything or at least a puncture repair kit. The weather was perfect today after a week training in loads of rain so who knows what next Sunday will bring. My mums praying for Sun so that’s one voice that’s bound to get through. Come on big guy, show us your beams! : )

Music and Miles – route is coming together

Not long now until the big push off. Click on ‘community’ over at’ to check the developing route.

Myself and Brycey will be out training on Wednesday to check out what happens once we hit the end of the East Lancs road. I spoke via facebook to Colin of and he’s right on board for the Liverpool leg. I hope we can film a group or two of his brilliant artists once we get to Mello Mello on Seel street by 2pm on the day. Fingers crossed Colin! : )

Sundays ride was the hilliest yet but a great way to see our green and pleasant land by bike. Bring on Wednesday for more of the same.