Music and Miles – from Crumpets Cafe to kick off!

My neighbours cockerel is reminding me it’s morning for the hundredth time this weekend, thanks. Like a plane with one engine, the approach to landing of the first music and miles event has been rocky but we’re here. Sadly good friends we’ve had and good friends we’ve lost, along the way but I’m eager to see who is there at the starting line to kick off up the road with us on our first event. Lucile is about to be oiled in preparation and I’ll mark the occasion with a shave. It’s going to be a corker and although I haven’t dared open the blinds yet after this weekends forecast I can’t hear rain and the gales of last week have gone. Fabulous! Thanks again to everyone who has sponsored us for this event and donated into the cash bomb. Time to bend and stretch and get ready for the big off. See you at the finish line.

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