Music and Miles – A Puncture in Anfield

Lucile took her first hit for the cause today with a burst tyre just outside Liverpool City Centre. Quite what we were doing going that far up the East Lancs is a wonder, we should have turned around at Windle after having some lovely vegetarian patties and a mars bar : )

Today was the first training ride with our new member Verena who as a teenager thought nothing of cycling to Hungary. Music and Miles surely wouldn’t pose too much of an issue and it didn’t. We made great time up the East Lancs only to be met with doom in Liverpool.

It was great to see for real the route we’ll be taking next Sunday and find any pit falls. Parts of the cycling path around Knowsley are brilliant so I think we’ll make decent time around there. Now I’m of the mindest to take a spare one of everything or at least a puncture repair kit. The weather was perfect today after a week training in loads of rain so who knows what next Sunday will bring. My mums praying for Sun so that’s one voice that’s bound to get through. Come on big guy, show us your beams! : )

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