Tyrer Sorrel, Sometimes You Have to Take The Rope Off and Risk Death

As I merge the things I do for fun and the things I do for business I need to answer the question “who is this Tyrer Sorrel fella then?”.  Tyrer Sorrel is my trading name.  I have been trading for 8 years (since 2001).  I am proud to be a Sole Trader.  In fact the most problems I have had is with big companies who don’t have to take responsibility.  I don’t sell tyres.  We run events and manage the data and media around them.  I tried explaining it to a taxi driver once so I won’t even try here.  Basically think Direct Mail (we don’t send junk and we don’t sell your name without consent, ever!).  I have outlived the majority of my Preferred Suppliers (probably all the comparable ones in fact) and paid every invoice at least 10 days before a due date (it’s a TS Rule).  I have had some great times and some really awful times.  Burnley BS, now there’s a story for another day.  “Love It, Hate It”, it’s the curse of business.  In fact two weeks ago I didn’t want to write this.  Enough was enough for me.  Ready to call it a day.  Closest I have ever been.  I had taken “18 months off” to do other stuff (the business continued) and I had found I was back in the same old world when I “came back”.  I couldn’t do that for another 5 years.  Absolutely no way.  No amount of money was worth that.  I was sick of taking Kirst across crevasse fields too.  See my recent James Cracknell Post:


I woke up Monday morning and decided to give it one more day, see what happened in just 24 hours.  Dump the stuff that we don’t want to do and fully commit to the stuff we do want (or quit).  No more limbo-land.  Hence the 153 Mile Challenge.  Me & Kirst have fully committed, it’s like our first event all over again.  We are just like a start up again, and have not been happier.  So what’s the problem?  Well, I have gone from £800 a day to nothing.  Tough one to square that but we will find a way through this period.

http://www.my153miles.co.uk or http://6000miles.tsconnected.com

That’s were the rope metaphor comes in.  When I used to go climbing regularly (before my calf injury) I had this weird fear.  I knew it wasn’t heights.  I realised I got tense near the top because of the knot.  Found out that’s common afterwards.  Well there’s just one solution to that isn’t there.  Take the rope off.  No protection and a really big fall.  (It’s the landing you have to fear though).  I have a vivid memory of a little kid pointing up (don’t copy me kid, it’s an extremely stupid idea) and then Dave turning round to shout at me.  I waited till he was belaying JB because I knew he wouldn’t let me do it!  Anyways, the ropes off now with Tyrer Sorrel.  It’s either a really, really bad landing or success.  No middle ground.  But that’s the risk of business.  That’s what I love.  Or is it hate?


Photo:  Picking up the first mini promo cards for the 153 Mile Challenge.  To quote Guy – “Happy Days”.

Whilst we are on the subject of the photo let me tell you about printing.com (Manchester Central) – Fiona, Tony and Kelly-Ann.  This isn’t an advert, this is my personal recommendation.  I don’t make them lightly and they don’t know I am saying this.  Printing.com have been with me from about Year 2.  They were there through my calf injury (when I ran the business for 3 months from my laptop in bed).  It took me 5 years to find them.  They have made me money because of increased sales and saved me loads of money with low costs.  I would never change them.  Anyone that has experience of print buying knows that some printers are like bad plumbers.  They will huff and puff and try and baffle you with TIFFs and EPS.  They will try and tell you printing a business card takes 4 weeks.  Complete nonsense and never with printing.com.  I swear I have had cards printed in 24 hours but the maximum you will wait is 3 days on business cards.  If you have a business or print buying responsibility try them out for your next job.  You will be astounded by the difference and you may want to change suppliers.  Please don’t blame me though for saving you 5 years of searching and loads of money.  You should know that printing.com are franchises.  They are all good but Manchester Central is the original flagship store (only the best for Tyrer Sorrel) and I think Fiona coached the other stores anyway.  Just go to the best and don’t waste your time.  Call them on 0161 833 2734 (tell them Mark Bryce or Tyrer Sorrel sent you.  I don’t get commission but it will keep me at the top of their favourite customer list).  See them online at: http://www.manchester-printing.com/

Find out more about Tyrer Sorrel at http://www.tyrersorrel.co.uk

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