Helping you progress a relationship, business or career goal … when you don’t know where to start or you need a trusted team or consultant to support you with a project.

You’re a leader or business owner. We know you’re successful in one or more areas of your life … but maybe you’ve tried to change something or take action in another area and it hasn’t worked. Maybe it’s to do with relationship issues within your existing team or it’s effecting your personal relationships. You’ve lost the intimacy. You’ve not got time to deal with the drama. You’re tired of carrying it all on your own.

Maybe you just feel stuck … something is holding you or your team back. You want to get unstuck but you can’t do it on your own. Maybe you even feel burnt out from trying. Maybe you’re a solo business owner and you don’t have a team. It feels even harder alone. You’re super burnt out and ready to quit.

DON’T QUIT. You’re not alone. A series can help you address the maybes, simplify the important things and kickstart the change you want.


A standard SIMPLIFY: Transformation Series is 4 projects + a private support team or consultant.

Annual Leadership and Managed Series for Teams start from £34,200 (£2,850 a month). They are designed for team leaders and business owners who want to take action right now, and maintain it with ongoing support. We know that action equals transformation.

Project and Event Series for Teams start from £5,700.

Solo Project and Event Series can be created for individuals. In addition, we also provide resources for coaches and trainers who want to help others take action. Our primary ‘Solo or Trainer Project and Event Series (for Business)’ helps with things like client onboarding and customer experiences. Solo or Trainer Series start from £855.

Series are fully bespoke … and we’ll build the series for you. A series is more than training, consultancy or change management.


It begins with you …

A series is a bespoke bundle of projects, events, challenges, action steps, tasks, talks, products, programmes and services. It’s built for your exact needs.

It’s bespoke because we know that change isn’t a straight line.

A series includes:

Standard Elements 

Group Learning, Development and Series Design Day – ‘Set Up and Start Series Builder’ included as standard in all series (up to 5 hours)

Series Action Plan – included as standard in all series

3 Projects or Events – included as standard in all series

Strategy and Design Check-Ins – Studio Membership included as standard in all series

Dedicated Private Support Team or Consultant – Support Membership included as standard in all series. Support can include: Solo and Group Coaching; Customer Value Journey Design; Offer and Process Design; Client Onboarding; Digital Marketing and Learning Programmes; Email Campaigns; Development and Interim Leadership Programmes; Copywriting Services; Customer Experience, Customer Service and Data Management Programmes (CRM)

Add On Elements

Extra Training Sessions, Talks and Masterclasses

Extra Practical Projects, Challenges and Events

Private Experiences and Travel

Lifestyle Learning



….. and more as needed to help you achieve your goal


It’s all underpinned by our proven and easy to follow Guided Learning System.  We started delivering Guided Learning in 2013 and it has been described as “Amazing, Interesting, Real, Detailed, Enjoyable and Relaxed”. Find out more in the testimonials that follow.


PROVE IT – Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s some previous testimonials ….


► “O.m.g bin off this wk and applied for 3 jobs. All offered an interview and 1 got my C.V. from Indeed and asked me to go for interview when I never applied. Thanks 4 ur help” [sic] (by text to Mark)

► Co-Coaching – “Kirstin was absolutely brilliant when helping me secure my placement, completed in my third year as part of my University course. She helped and supported me through every stage of the application process, from the CV writing, through the assessment centre and with the final interview. I cannot recommend or thank her enough for all she did to prepare me fully for each stage of the application process” (from Kirstin’s LinkedIn Profile)

► “Whatever the problem, day or time (be it 7am or midnight), I know that I am always welcomed with any questions that I may have. His teaching styles are creative, enjoyable and valuable. He is very honest with his opinion and gets straight to the point. Mark’s kindness and helpfulness constantly makes me smile, and sets me up for a day full of motivation, even on some of my more challenging days. MB is clearly very knowledgeable; be it about web design, professional online presence or even Disney princesses. I feel as though I can really be myself and talk about any problems that I feel relevant; Mark will always help, however possible”

Projects, Mentorships and Challenges

► “One of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had”

► “The 153 Mile Challenge – a brilliant, simple and accessible idea which we wanted to adopt for a (large scale) youth based project up in the Lancaster area” (Guy Christiansen, Creative Learning Director at The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster)

► “The Pirates of St Cleopas enjoyed the whole journey of ‘the adventure starts’. The simplicity of taking a theme from a story book and bringing it to life over a 3 month period was genius! It allowed the children to explore, experience and share! The training was so valuable to the project, it inspired staff, re-energised our outlook in provision, and most importantly allowed us to re-visit the aims of our play provision. The project allowed parents and families to get involved…. Dig out photo’s, share treasured memories with their children and collect items. Although it was initially to engage children, it very much engaged the families of the children involved. Many thanks to Mark for all your support, a treasured project :-)”

Guided Learning and On-Site Training

► “Mark has been an outstanding trainer taking those [that] have struggled and showing them patience and understanding till they grasped the concepts. The training is PowerPoint heavy but Mark made it engaging and enjoyable” (NOTE: I sometimes have to delivery predefined company PowerPoint content but will always try and bring it to life)

► “I was worried that I would not understand everything.  The time passed very quickly because Mark made the whole talk so easy and enjoyable to understand.  I am so pleased I attended this event”

► “Previous Safeguarding courses/presentations were very dry, legalistic and boring.  [This event resulted in me understanding] that Safeguarding is part of a normal conversation and person-to-person relationship.  I’m less worried about Safeguarding, more confident and happier. I would recommend this event as it takes the fear out of Safeguarding”

► “I thought it would be PowerPoint presentations and reading through handouts.  [I now have] a much better understanding of how to deal with Safeguarding issues.  Don’t be scared of safeguarding. I would recommend this event because the delivery was fun, challenging and informative”

► “Thanks to @lcvsuw for a great course this morning! Special thanks to @SilentFullback for the wealth of knowledge. #liverpool #safeguarding” (by Twitter to Mark)

► “Mark was honest, knowledgeable and concise. I feel confident knowing how to move forward”

► “Important, Easy Access and Enjoyable”

► “Interesting, Real, Detailed, Helpful and Relaxed”

► “Love the more casual, non-classroom approach”

► “Personalised”

► “Fun, Good Pace and Relaxing”

► “Really good interaction between attendees. Fun and Enjoyable”

► “Enjoyed the Course. Online training a new way of learning. Really easy and enjoyable”

► “Group discussions were very beneficial. Internet sources were informational. Overall: AMAZING AND KNOWLEDGABLE!” [sic]

► “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The group discussions were really useful. The content was very good. I would do more courses online”

► “The tutor was excellent, making us use our brains. He didn’t talk down to us”

► “Very friendly tutor”

► “The training was in a relaxed atmosphere and the emphasis on it being a team responsibility was refreshing and enabling”

► “The warm up was gentle and good. The questions were focused but straight forward”

► “Course is fun, knowledgable and transferable”

► “Mark was a great trainer/co-ordinator/leader and it was an enjoyable 2 days”

Mark Bryce (Personal)

► “I have always found you to be constructive, diplomatic, focussed, committed and above everything else honest beyond reproach (which personally I feel is your strongest asset)”

► “[…] this quality emanates from Mark’s own self efficacy, his ability to empathise, his positive self esteem and self worth. He approaches difficult tasks with tenacity, viewing them as challenges rather than threats. Mark excels in communication skills, having the ability to communicate at all levels. He is able to assess situations quickly and adapt his mode of communication to fit the circumstances”

► “[…] Mark B. You are one of the most supportive level headed kind hearted people I have met, And I am so glad we have managed to have chats where you always seem to help me rethink.”


Let’s get started

If you’re a team leader or business owner with a team, click the following link to start. The link will take you to a subscription form to complete. All you need to do is complete the form and subscribe. Once you’re connected we’ll then contact you to agree a plan; sort the money and send you a Terms of Agreement. The first step will always be a ‘Group Learning, Development and Series Design Day (Set Up and Start, up to 5 hours)’.


If you’re an individual or coach/trainer, click here to start. The same steps apply, it’s just a different subscription form.