8 Ways to Know Everything About a Company—Even Before the Interview

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Although we can never fully know what types of questions will be asked at an interview, or the interview style format, it is true when people say you can be prepared for an interview, and also have an understanding of what to expect. The success to being prepared for an interview is all down to investing quality research time in to the recruitment and selection process.

My advice is to start your research as soon as you see an opportunity and commit to the application process, and don’t worry about having too much information. You will not be using it all at the online application/CV & covering letter stage, instead, you will be using your research at application, telephone interview, assessment centre, interview, and presentation stages. Applying for jobs can feel like a full-time investment, and for many pro-active job seekers, we do not have the luxury of that amount of time, due to working full-time/part-time, volunteering, study, family commitments and extra-curricular activities. So, the more research you do at the beginning, will pay-off long-term, especially if your telephone interview, assessment centre/interview date, only gives you 24 or 48 hours time to prepare.

Prospective employers love to see that you have taken the time to research them, and that your answers clearly reflect that. Plus, through your research, you get to find a connection with the employer, it could be a creative, ethical, business related connection that informs the employer that you are serious about working for them. These 8 tips will make starting your research, a simple process, and it will generate great results for you.


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