Art works: how art in the office boosts staff productivity

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | What type of work culture/environment do you work in, and what is your preferred environment to produce the best results for you, your team, and your business? I am a visual person, colour, textiles and images are really important to me on a personal and work related level. For me, I like to see beauty and creativity on a daily basis, and finding inspiration in day-to-day objects as well as the flamboyant and fabulous.

For me personally, a lean work environment does not inspire me, although I totally understand, that we are all different, and many will say ‘lean’ gets results for their business. Personalising work spaces, showcasing artwork, inspiring employees with colour and personality, for me are not a work distraction, and I hope my work environment will always be able to support this need to be inspired and creative.

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