Laura on Fullback and Friends | The fashion industry has a well-earned reputation for glamour, distinctiveness and excitement. Emerging designers, trendy clothing and fashion shows in exotic locales help contribute to its’ aura of cosmopolitan edginess. With the Fashion industry currently standing as the World’s most thriving and ever-expanding business; its’ value in the UK alone estimated at over £46 billion in 2015; it is no wonder that so many feel the desire to aim to be a part of this global industry, is so appealing. Including myself.

What exactly is meant by ‘fashion’, many of you might ask.

It’s simplest definition being-a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories or makeup. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses’.

To gain a little more understanding of the fashion industry; I would recommend reading this helpful, short and easy-to-follow link, explaining where fashion originated from, as well as the key sectors found within the industry.

A little bit about me? I graduated from the BA(Hons) Textiles course at The Manchester School of Art in July 2015, specialising in embroidery and glass work suited for a fashion/ bridal context. I have, since I can remember, held the passion, excitement and determination (and to some extent, skills and knowledge) to begin my journey into working with fashion. Oh, and I also have a really, really unhealthy relationship with sparkly things, which I am sure will become apparent very soon.

So overall it seems as though the fashion industry is the one for me.

There are SO many routes to take and explore within this industry though. That is what I am slowly beginning to discover myself, through internships, voluntary and freelance work. Blogging with Fullback & Friends, my intention is to use the next 6 weeks to give you an insight into the kinds of work that I take part in as I continue to develop and understand this exciting new world post-graduation for myself focusing in particular upon the fashion/ backstage element of my experiences, what it is that drives me and how I stay motivated in order to follow my chosen career path, as well as general articles, advice and links that I hope you will find useful and easy to understand.

Personally, my dream goal has always been to work in the embroidery department for Haute Couture designer, Elie Saab. His work consists of intricate embellishments and romantic, feminine designs and colours. One day I will get there.

Details of his most recent collections provided via the links below;

Until my next blog post; I have attached a link to my website, where you are able to find links to my CV and social media accounts, as well as my personal blog, exposing an insight into an overload of sparkles, glitz & glamour, behind-the-scenes & backstage snippets from the opportunities I have been lucky enough to have taken part in since graduation.

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