How To Write A Speculative Cover Letter

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Many job searches involve us researching companies online, and identifying if they currently have opportunities available. For SME’s this sometimes means that they highlight on their website that they are happy to receive speculative enquiries. Others may not advertise opportunities, but you love the idea of working for them, or want to learn more about their business. This is where the speculative covering letter is required, and for some job seekers, approaching employers directly to organise work experience, this approach can prove to be very successful. However, there is a big, but, as you do need to personalise your speculative cover letter, and this means having a good insight about the company, who they are, what they do. Who are there clients, are they award winning? You also need to introduce you, and that means explaining your professional background, your skillset, and what type of work you are keen to get experience in, and, what style of work ie. work shadowing, short-term work experience, an internship, a 12 month placement.

This article will help you build a speculative cover letter which will grab the employer’s attention.

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