From ‘No Idea’ To ‘Ideal Career’: 3 Unexpected Lessons From Creatives On How To Start From Scratch

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | The early stages of the creative process can be enjoyable, researching, idea generating, setting out your mood-board, and then sometimes, we hit a barrier, we have the ideas, we are motivated, but how do we start formalising the idea, and committing to a plan. Sometimes that blank canvas, stays blank for far too long.

This article helps address how to get from a, to b, to c etc, and what I love about the planning processes, is that it is simple and achieveable. Bite size advice that can be practiced on a daily basis. My favourite piece of advice is ‘Building Your Village’, by surrounding yourself, and connecting with a broad range of talented individuals will help inspire you, and help you achieve your goals.

What I also like about this advice, is that it can be practiced independently, if you are seeking career goals, but also for teams, and perfect for project led work.

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