What to do if you can’t get an internship…

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | We are at the awkward time of year for students when it comes to organising internships or graduate schemes, as many employers are already thinking about their 2016/17 internships and graduate schemes, many of which will go live end of August/early September. For many employers the recruitment and selection process is a lengthy one, stretching over 3-4 months before they are in a position to start appointing interns.

The good news for all of this years students/graduates still keen to organise a summer internship, 12 month placement or graduate scheme for 2015/16 is that there are still plenty of opportunities availalbe, and some fabulous online service providers and employers to help you source that fantastic opportunity.

For some the recruitment and selection process can be a challenging one, and this can be confidence. lack of experience, or purely down to strong applicant competition, but for all that are currently going through this process, don’t be despair, there are still lots of things you can do to widen your job search, or find taster experiences to help make you a stronger candidate. This article will help provide you with advice, and encouragement to support you with your job search and future career.


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