6 Thank You Note Mistakes That Could Very Easily Ruin Your Chances

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Okay, so you have made great progress with your job application, and sailed through online testing, telephone interview, interview/assessment centre. After all of your hard work, researching and prepping, you are now at that painful stage of waiting to hear from the employer. Decision Time!!

Something I always recommend my students to do just before they leave the house to attend an interview/assessment centre, is to place a post it note on the fridge door/bedroom mirror with a ‘thank you email’ reminder. Most of us have adrenalin fallout after an interview, and all our good intentions to email go out the window. Even better set up a draft email and then amend after your interview to make sure it is personalised to all of the key points addressed during the interview.

Thank you notes are never a guarantee to a job offer, but they do make you memorable, for all the right reasons, showcase your professionalism, and on a personal note enable you the interview candidate to make closure to the interview and selection process.


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