Don’t even think about becoming a freelancer unless you have these 20 essential skills locked down

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | How many of us have thought about how wonderful it would be to be your own boss. Setting up your own business, and freelancing, can be so tempting, you have an idea, you want to take that idea and turn it into something amazing. Turning that idea into a product, and then rolling it out to a large customer audience, is hard work, and requires you to be highly skilled and adaptable to a number of roles (or hats as I like to call them). For creative freelancers, artistic talent will not be enough, remember you will need to become the Head of Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, the hat list is endless.

So the question is, are you up for the job? Are you ready to build your hat collection, and start building your business idea, and turn it into something amazing, as well as transform yourself into a highly talented and versatile business extraordinaire?

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