How to Follow Up on a Job Application: An Email Template

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | I have been receiving a lot of enquiries from students recently through my 1-2-1 appointments and e-guidance, on how to follow up with an employer, once you have clicked send and submitted your application. This article provides some useful advice, and you can tailor your email template to suit your personal writing style. So when is an appropriate time to re-engage with an employer? Either follow up once the closing date has expired, or if no closing date, contact the employer 10 – 14 working days after you have submitted your application. Re-engaging with employers during the application process, helps you the job seeker feel in control of your job search, rather than feel that you are making no progress with your job search. These small processes will help you identify what applications are currently under consideration. Most job seekers believe that no news, or a deafening wall of silence, means that our job application has been unsuccessful, but that is not always the case, sometimes, the recruitment and selection process can take time, and an email follow-up, may just be all you need to send for a progress update. Good luck.

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