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Guided Learning by Mark on Fullback and Friends | Day 4: Turning On Your Sales Machine.

Created a product? Yes.  Got it in your store? Yes.  Now you need to get people to your store to buy your product.  You need to advertise.  There’s so much information online about advertising.  Word of mouth, referrals, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads etc etc.  I’m not going to repeat all that but I have included some Guided Learning Links to point you in the right direction.  I can sum up what I think you need to know about advertising with three bullets:

  • Paid ads are important because you can turn them on and off AND you can target your list.  Remember THE LIST?
  • AIDA.  Eh-da? You what?
  • “Let the stallions run”

Ok turning paid ads on and off.  Really important if you’re in business on your own and working on other stuff.  You can control who comes to your store.  Got a special you want to run?  Turn on new paid ads.  3 days later switch it off.  Need more customers just switch them on again.

AIDA.  Sorry to use an acronym.   I was taught it years ago.  It’s been adapted over the years because people shop differently now.  They will ask their friends on Facebook, read reviews and compare now.  It’s old school but has stood the test of time in marketing.  Again if you’ve been in business a while you’ll have seen it.  You will be doing it without realising.  It stands for:

A – Attention.  Get your customers attention.  Attract them

I – Interest.  Obvious.  If people aren’t interested they aren’t going to buy anything

D – Desire.  Remember we looked at needs on the 2nd day.  This is where you convince them that they need your product)

A – ACTION.  The big one.  What’s the point if you don’t give a clear call to action?  What’s the point if you don’t ask them to buy?

“Let the stallions run!”  One of the best tips I have ever heard.  I can’t remember where I heard it but I would love to give them the credit.  It’s amazing.  It’s one of the biggest things that has helped me with ads.  Basically it means create a number of ads.  Say 6.  Run them for a couple of days.  Some of the ads will be donkeys.  Some of the ads will be STALLIONS.  The stallions are the best ads.  You will know in about a day.  The stallions are the ones having the biggest impact.  It never fails.  It’s always really obvious.  Sometimes it hard to take though because what you thought would be a good ad turns out to be a donkey.  Anyway the point is stop the donkeys, put them back in the stable and LET THE STALLIONS RUN!  Sometimes you can tweak an ad and make it a stallion but to be honest why bother.  Let the stallions run!

So what makes a stallion?  Hard to say but I’ve found that 9 times out of 10 it’s the image.

Facebook even say it themselves at https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-photos-tips.

“Big, beautiful photos get more attention from customers and make it easier to remember your business”.

See the attention word?  What’s the first letter of AIDA?

So how do you choose a good photo?

I choose pictures of people that are relatable to the product and more importantly the audience.

Again it’s not always obvious what image will be a stallion.  I’ve ran ads with the same wording with two different pictures of hairdressers.  One was a donkey and one was… well you guessed it.  A stallion.  I let the stallion run obviously but I loved the donkey one.  It was a really happy image but it cropped wrong so it wasn’t obvious she was a hairdresser.

Everyday we’ve referred back to and looked at Caine’s Arcade.  So today give some thought to:

  • How does Caine capture his customer’s attention?
  • How does the world find about Caine’s arcade?
  • How could you transfer this to your business?

Again to help you more and give you inspiration I’ve curated a set of Guided Learning Links that explore this topic further.  Check out the links and add your answers to The Journal.  If you’re new and not sure how to use the Guided Learning then please read our FAQS at: http://fullbackandfriends.com/guided-learning/status-and-faqs/#FAQ3

Guided Learning Links



10 Quick Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign | http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/225120






What do you think are the most important elements of an ad campaign for your business?

What is the best ad platform for your business?

What are the best visuals for your business?

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