Introduction #EveryoneStartsAtZero

Guided Learning by Mark on Fullback and Friends |  Day 1: Introducing #EveryoneStartsAtZero.

It’s a Guided Learning Conversation Series.  Over the next 5 days we will explore ‘Customer Relationships, Stores (Real & Online) and Paid Ads’ for Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

It will also build on lessons from a video I recently found online called ‘Caine’s Arcade’.  If you’ve not watched the video (it’s a must watch) I posted about it at:  It’s amazing what a 9 year old can teach us about business.

What you will get in the Guided Learning Conversation Series?

5 Blog Posts (1 each day at 5pm).  The Topics are:

Day 1: Introduction (Today)

Day 2: Customer Relationships – How Do You Know What to Sell?

Day 3: Stores (Real & Online)  –  Be Amazing, Serve the Customers You Have (Your Store, Your Way)

Day 4: Paid Ads – Turning On Your Sales Machine

Day 5: Practical Project + Mentorship Offer – Set Up a Sales or Product Page Online

(Subject to Change)

Each daily blog post will include:

  • A personal part from me
  • A set of Guided Learning Links & Questions
  • A link to add your answers and questions to the Guided Learning Journal for this Series

Each daily blog post will be automatically linked to for conversation, comments and discussion.

In the personal part I’ll share my experiences from 13 years in business as Tyrer Sorrel and 19+ years in training and events.  I’ll tell you what went wrong, what went right and what I’m still learning.  if you’re just starting out or wanting to start out I’ll help you avoid the obstacles everyone initially finds.  The stuff that will make you want to quit.  If you already have a business I will help you re-energise it.  See it in new ways and create additional incomes.  The things I will share are relatable because I’m just like you.  I’ve started my business.  I’ve grown my business.  I’ve had highs and crushing lows.   I’m not a millionaire.  I’m on this journey too.  I know how it feels to really want to start a business.  I know how it feels to move from a paid job to the “insecurity” of self employment.  I’m just an entrepreneur that’s a few years ahead of you.  I haven’t forgotten the experience of putting your heart and soul into something and only having a handful of people caring in the early days.  Being an Invisible Business.  It doesn’t stop me though and it shouldn’t stop you.  That’s why the series is called #EveryoneStartsAtZero.

In the Guided Learning part I’ll give you a set of links to visit from across the internet.  Plus I’ll give you a number of questions to help you explore the topic and dig a little deeper.  Previous participants have found that it really helped them to understand the topic.  They did more than just read a post.  They interacted with it.

It’s as simple as this picture.

Touch screen tablet computer, notepad, pencil and cup of coffee

All you’ll need is a note pad; access to the internet on pc, phone or tablet and the form link for the Guided learning Journal.  A cup of tea or coffee is optional 🙂

Visit the link, write down the answer to the questions on a notepad and then add them to the Guided Learning Journal using our simple online form.  Any questions you have use the ‘Your Message/Questions’ box.

I’ve wrote an FAQ on how to use Guided Learning.  Read more at:

and bookmark the form for the Series Journal now:

Look out for ‘Customer Relationships – How Do You Know What to Sell?’ at 5pm tomorrow.


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