Offices workers ‘should stand for four hours a day’

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Hands up who spends a large chunk of their day sat staring at a computer screen, and regularly skips lunch to catch up on emails, because they have rushed back to their desk following on from a two hour meeting. I know I can personally identify with this scenario.

The exercise guilt tends to sink in, after the dash to the train station, to hopefully find a seat (yes, another opportunity to sit down) on the commute home, and I realise that I have been stationary for the majority of my working day. So, little things I have done to try and improve this is, by getting an earlier train in the morning, and fitting in a 40 minute city walk before work; running up two/three flights of stairs for comfort breaks; and forcing myself to go for a lunchtime walk (this is my weak area at the moment). I have also become a weekend runner, you can’t beat those early morning runs to bring a huge smile to your face (well it works for me anyway).

I have always been a big fan of stand up meetings, they are effective, and wherever possible, I organise my meetings/appointments in other buildings, which encourages me to walk. All it takes is little changes to our working days, but the results can be huge, inside and out.

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