Chin up, head down: how to stay positive during your graduate job hunt

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | We are hitting that time of year in the academic calendar when our final year students start to hit the ‘Springtime Slump’ in their graduate job search.  The Autumn term is when our students are keen and eager, and pro-active with their job searches, and taking time out to network at career fairs.  This is then followed by completing lots of online applications, and then here comes the hard part, the long wait to hear back from employers.

For graduate careers advisors, we are all very much aware that the recruitment and selection process for most large and multi-national employers can take up to 4 months, and which can include up to 5 stages of selection, but for the student going through the process, the whole process can feel very personal.

Which leads us to the ‘Springtime Slump’ now is the time of dissertations, project and assignment submissions, studio work for our creatives, final year shows, the list goes on, and around all of these degree commitments, the graduate job search needs to continue.

This article provides some excellent advice to keep the graduate job search alive, and more importantly helps student stay in control of their job search, whilst making sure that their confidence stays in tact.



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