7 things about references you haven’t thought of

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends | Would you know who to use as your referee’s? Whilst you are studying, I would recommend you organise two referees, one academic (from your course), and one work related (current or most recent employer). Make sure you have complete sets of contact details for each referee ie. name, job title, work address and work telephone and email addresses.

I also think it is good to keep your university academic referee up to date with your application progress – that way they will be on the lookout for reference requests, but more importantly they will know how important the job opportunity means to you.

Common error for UG students is providing secondary school or six form college referees – these are now out of date, so I would not recommend you use them.

If you have not yet gained any work experience, you can provide a character reference instead, but my advice would be to start gaining work or voluntary experience so you have a work related referee available for the future.


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