Lose the L-plates: how to pass your probation period at work

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends:  The one thing that panic’s the student’s I work with is the probationary section of a contract, and their immediate fear of the employment being terminated.  The first thing I always try to explain and encourage is for the individual to put the probationary period to the back of their mind.  For any one starting a new job, their main objective is to do a good job, learn from their colleagues, and take all aspects of training seriously, and always have a notepad close to hand to avoid information overload.  It is important to be aware that probation is an integral part of any new job, but equally important to enjoy being part of a new team, work environment and growing within the role.  There will be lots of ways a line manager/team will be measuring your work performance and this article will provide you with some very useful tips.    http://careers.theguardian.com/lose-l-plates-how-pass-probation-period-new-job

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