Five steps to beating career paralysis

Kirstin on Fullback and Friends:  Most of us experience career paralysis during our careers, but January is the month that it is most emphasised and when we start self-reflecting on our careers and whether we are genuinely happy within them.  I personally believe, that being happy in your job and the team you support has a big part to play in building a successful career.  Today is my last day in my current job, and I am genuinely looking forward to starting a brand new role on Monday.  For me it was not about needing a change of sector/role, as I do enjoy working in Higher Education and the service delivery I provide.  For me it was about needing a new challenge, and I have found it in my new job.  We will all have different reasons for needing change in our careers, don’t be scared to dip your toes into the unknown and give yourself the opportunity to find out where your career can take you.

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