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We started moving our events, products and services online in 2009. Blending real world and online events for individuals, business and community groups. We started with ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’. Yes, we were doing 5-Day Challenges even then. In 2013, ‘The 153’ grew into a system we called ‘Guided Learning’. This was 30 days of daily tasks, events and learning, delivered by email. Participants loved it, describing it as “Amazing, Interesting, Real, Detailed, Enjoyable and Relaxed”. As we developed it, we added coaching. In 2019, because we helped participants take action, we started noticing that we were also creating transformation in their businesses or lives. We were transforming the way they did things or the way they thought about things. ‘Talk and Transformation’ is the natural evolution of a 10 year journey. How does it work? The first thing we will do is ‘Talk’. Simple. This can be either a speaking event or development call. For individuals, it can also be a ‘Challenge’ were we start a conversation about a shared goal. After talking … and finding out if we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll move onto a ‘Transformation Series’. A standard SIMPLIFY Work Series is 4 campaigns, training sessions or projects + a private support team or consultant.

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