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Helping you create a 14 day experience to live your free self. Live free from the labels, escape the boredom and find satisfaction … without needing lots of time or doing it for someone else. Sometimes it’s ok to care about yourself


Up to £657.99 of value in the bundle.

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Charles Darwin

Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

This bundle is built as part of the ‘The Love Letters Collection from Tyrer Sorrel’. Tyrer Sorrel has been my trading name since 2001.

The Story Behind the Bundle

From 2009 – 2019 I ran a programme called ‘The 153 Mile Challenge”. It was a challenge that took inspiration from things that people loved (music, art and books) … then asked them to walk-run-bike-swim 153 miles, raising money for charity in the process. Participants loved it. One participant called it “One of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had” … and another said “The simplicity of taking a theme from a story book and bringing it to life over a 3 month period was genius! A treasured Project :-)”.

In late 2019, I wanted to add travel to the mix and take ‘The 153 Mile’ to the next level … I wanted to launch ‘153 Places’. So in March 2020, I set a plan in motion … STOP. Well no I didn’t actually. COVID hit. It hit the very week I planned to launch the new programme. Like everyone else I had to shelve my plans. Hotels had closed their doors overnight. We were all trapped in our homes, unable to travel. I put ‘153 Places’ on the shelf, thinking it wasn’t possible.  I felt trapped.  I continued with my other work but I felt bored.

A lot of you might have felt … or feel the same. Desperate to escape. Bored. Desperate to travel and capture the feelings of your free self … your true self.

About a year later, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw two posts. The first was about travel and the second, a quote about ‘Love Letters’. I realised something … travel isn’t just about the places we go to.  In that moment, I learned that travel is about the feelings it evokes and the new experiences we have. It was a real lightbulb moment. The idea of ‘Travel without Travel’ was born.  I realised I could rethink ‘153 Places’ and turn it into a programme called ‘Love Letters’ (the second post). Letters to the things you love – music, art, travel and books. I realised that we didn’t need a place for any of them. For me, ‘Love Letters’ came to mean escaping boredom. Escaping the everyday routines. It meant experiences you love. Trying new things. Talking to strangers. Late nights, early mornings. Quick exercise … right now, think about your best ever holiday or perfect escape. Bet your face lights up. Bet you can remember every detail, even if it was 20 years ago. Bet you can remember the sights, the sounds and the smells.  It is the same with music, art and books that you love.  They all bring you pleasure. ‘Love Letters’, it’s all about things you love. It’s all about lighting you up.

When you buy the bundle and join me for a coffee I’ll tell you more about the inspiration, the why … but most importantly I’ll show you how to create a 14 day (repeatable) experience that can help you escape boredom and be your free self. 

When I built this bundle in March 2021, after a year of waiting, I even wrote my own love letter. It captures what I want this programme to be all about. If you read one thing from this page, read this letter …

Dear Book Lovers,

I know you love a great story. I know you love music and travel. I know you are a free spirit. You’re open minded … and you’re a wanderer.

I want to invite you on a journey that’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. Wonderful in it’s intimate moments. Joyful in it’s exploration of travel without travel.

I want to bring your favourite books to life and for you to shout “one of the most worthwhile experiences I’ve ever had” … and “simply genius”.

I want you reading in the early hours of the morning and living every moment. I want you to find meaning. Sometimes it will be dark and delicious, other times unexpected. Every time it will be driven by you. You’re the lead.

Sometimes it’s ok to care about yourself.

It starts with a Library Session, virtual coffee and a chat – ‘Black Coffee and Nine Good Books’. Let’s talk about the books that you love and the journeys you want to take.


Mark xx

In This Bundle

✔ Library Session (By Video Chat) – ‘Black Coffee and Nine Good Books’ (Value £97)

✔ Premium Session Content Upgrade (Value £100)

✔ Love Letters Collection A4 PDF Workbook and 14 Day Scheduler (Value £19)

✔ A4 PDF ‘Beautifully Simple Journal’ from Tyrer Sorrel, including Limited Edition Covers (Value up to £20.99)

✔ Back to the Library Session (By Video Chat) – Follow up session, 14 days after you start the experience. It’s a time to relax; reflect on your experience; extend the experience into a 6 week journey; review or choose another story to bring to life … maybe next time it will art, music or travel that we focus on together (Value £97)

✔ 12 Months Email Subscription to ‘The Love Letters Collection and Calendar’ (Value £324, 12 x £27)

Buy the bundle … and get up to £657.99 of value

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