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Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

This bundle is built so you can get the best from ‘The 101 Collection from Tyrer Sorrel’. Tyrer Sorrel has been my trading name since 2001. It’s all about business relationships and starts with an online workshop.

The collection started as a challenge during COVID-19 (March 2020). It started with a story and two questions. Question 1: What was the #1 thing I had learned from 18+ years in business … and Question 2: Why is it important for you?


The Story Behind the Bundle

I launched ‘The 101 Collection’ as a challenge during COVID-19. Many people were in transition, including myself. I had planned to launch new products tied to hotels and live events during the very week we went into full lockdown. Plans I had been building for 6 months changed overnight.

As a coach, I spent most of the first two weeks of the first lockdown reassuring people that everything would be ok. People who had just started a business … suddenly felt like it was such a bad time to do it.  People who had lost clients or jobs overnight … felt like the odds were stacked against them.  People who told me they were laying in bed with the cogs whirring.  People who told me they were scared. I had to agree it was scary, but I knew that it would be ok (in the end). How could I be so sure? Well I couldn’t be 100% sure obviously but I had been there before. I had 18 years of experience that many people didn’t have. I could tell them this story …  

I started my business on the 3rd September 2001 …. and 8 DAYS later 911 hit.  I remember I was sitting on a train coming back from an exhibition.  I remember looking around and seeing everyone, yes everyone, getting their phones out, firing up laptops, swearing, trying to get the news.  I remember sitting there thinking “oh wow …” (not the exact words, I swore too) “… this is so the wrong time to start a business.  It’s going to change everything”.  I’d given up a successful 9-5 job.  I’d given up the security.  I’d given up the identity it gave me.  I’d taken a leap of faith and 8 days later it felt like such a bad decision.  It reminded me of the early days of lockdown and all of the changes we were experiencing at the time.

I told people that it was hard …. but here’s the thing, it didn’t stop me.  For years I have even tried to recapture the essence of ‘Year One’. Moving forward despite fear and everything being new. Loving everyday. ‘Year One’ was an amazing year.  The best, believe it or not.  The crash of 2008 was exactly the same. It took me years to realise why some of the most scary times actually turned into the most amazing periods of my business.  What made them different?


The Difference

I came to learn that ‘Intimacy’ was the difference. I realised that things that I had been doing for many years were all linked – leadership; teams; sales success; AIDA in copywriting; customer journeys. They were all built on relationships … and relationships are all built on ‘stages of intimacy’.

I realised that in the best years I was more intimate with my business.  I was more intimate with what I wanted.  I had more clarity.  I was more intimate and engaged with my clients.  I had to be.  Over the years I have definitely forgotten this at times.  The years that I have forgotten it, were the years that I struggled.  The years that really hurt. Every relationship in your business, whether you have ten or ten thousand … they are all built on intimacy and more importantly the stages of intimacy (the customer value journey). That’s why I believe that intimacy is the #1 thing, the #1 most important thing, I’ve learned in 18+ years of business.

So, I set up a challenge to help people be more intimate with their business and their customers … and help them stay positive and focused during COVID (and beyond). To help them build great customer journeys.


The 101 Business Relationships Challenge

I’m a Business Owner and Customer Value Journey Designer. The challenge was created to help people build great customer journeys for their clients. I wanted to help challenge participants to take action. I wanted to help them create lasting business relationships with 100 people in their professional networks. But … why 100 and not 10,000? All businesses or new products start with 0-100 customers. Some scale faster than others … but everyone starts at zero. Everyone. It’s when we are most intimate with a product. It’s the time that’s most direct. I wanted to help participants build something that 100 people loved. I wanted to help them be more intimate with their business.

But why call it a challenge? I understood the power of challenges for learning, growth and taking action.  I launched my first ever challenge in 2009. It was called ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’.  I was walking-running-biking-swimming 18,500 miles, the equivalent of ‘around the world’ (yes, you did read that right) … and all I asked people to do was join me for 153 miles and raise money for charity.  I did it for more than 10 years. I loved it and participants loved it too. One even called it “one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had”. I wanted to do the same for business.

101? … but, if it’s about 100 customers, suppliers, partners, mentors or business connections … what’s the 1 in 101? Well that was you. That was the owner and challenge participant. I wanted participants to have a richer and more meaningful relationship with themselves and their business. You’re just as important as your customers.

When did it become a collection? As the challenge progressed, nearly a year later, it just felt right to move the challenge to a collection of products and services. We didn’t change the foundations, we just remodelled the house.

Take Action Now – Buy the Bundle


The activities I focus on in the challenge and collection are built from business and e-commerce best practice. The collection is great for people who want to improve their customer journeys; start a business; grow their existing business or simply want to improve their ongoing relationships with their clients.  As the collection still keeps the foundation of an action challenge, the PRO Start Bundle includes a 60 minute online workshop (Brand Bunker – Customer Value Journey Design and Make It Your Own Session) … plus a Practical Project to complete (split into 3 tasks) …


In This Bundle

✔ 101 PRO Start Online Workshop (60 minute Brand Bunker Customer Value Journey Design and Make It Your Own Session) (Value £97)

Join us in the Brand Bunker and I’ll introduce you to Customer Value Journeys … how to create one or how to refine a current one. It’s a one hour online workshop to get you started.

✔ Premium Workshop Content Upgrade (Value £100)

✔ Practical Project – Task #1 (Value up to £135) – Nine Profitable & Creative Ideas to Make Your Business POP in 2021

Everything starts with a great idea. Every journey starts with a great destination in mind. I’ll help you find nine new ideas … or rethink your existing ones. You can then choose THE ONE to focus on this Practical Project.

✔ Practical Project – Task #2 (Value up to £135) – Your Hot List … AND One Page Customer Value Journey Planner for 2021

This task is built on an activity I have used for 18+ years, with every client I’ve ever worked with. All Customer Value Journeys need engaged customers. That’s real people. I will help you build a ‘Relationship Map of 5-Star Customers, Connections and Collaborations’. I will help you get laser focused on what’s important to you … and what’s important for your customers and connections. This task will also help you create a ‘Statement of Value’ … and a ‘List of Super Important Actions’.

✔ Practical Project – Task #3 (Value up to £135) – Websites, Videos and Visibility: 5 Essential Videos and Photos You Need

This task is primarily built to help you get a quick start on ATTRACT, the first stage of intimacy and any Customer Value Journey. This is all about getting people’s attention. It’s the first step with ever new customer in every business. I don’t care what you sell, everyone needs to attract new customers consistently. I’m going to use videos and photos as a tool for learning and action. You don’t need a full on film crew to do this task … I’m going to show you the ‘5 MUST HAVE Relationship Building Photos and Videos’ that you need throughout your business or e-commerce store. I’ll tell you why they are important … AND I’ll get you to create one of the videos …

… even if,

You don’t have enough time in the day – I’ll reveal what I’ve learned about setting up your day to achieve 3 times more in it … and why the video shouldn’t be any longer than 60 seconds anyway. 60 seconds too long? Ok, how about I show you what I’ve learned to make it 15 seconds. Someone called me a “Time Finding Expert” recently. I loved the idea.

You hate speaking in front of people – I’ve learned about a free tool that means you don’t have to show your face on camera. In this Task or Practical Project I’ll reveal what it is.

You have no customers yet – I left my 9-5, in 2001, with no customers on day one, a 3 month ‘Get Stuffed Fund’ and £500 in my pocket. Like I said it was the best year ever.

✔ Project Strategy Session and Design Check In – Back to the Bunker – Follow up session 30 days after you start the Practical Project (Value £97)

✔ 12 Month Email Subscription to ‘The 101 Collection and Calendar’ (Value £324 – 12 x £27)

Buy the bundle … and get up to £1023 of value



When can I start? You can get the 101 PRO Start Bundle at anytime. We’ll contact you within 3 working days to arrange a date for the online workshop. Subscriptions last for 12 months.

When do I get the Practical Project or set of Tasks? We send contents by email so you are able to do it on demand. Once you’re connected and subscribed with your email, we’ll arrange everything you need to attend the live session within 3 working days … the Practical Project will follow the live session.

How long does the Practical Project or Tasks take? Each task is designed to be completed in 1-3 hours, either ‘Do It Yourself’ or with a Project Support Pack (‘Done With You’).


What will you learn?  

  • ‘The 4 Key Stages of Intimacy’ … and how they work in business, copywriting and customer value journeys
  • How to work out ‘What’s Important?’ … and ‘What’s Attractive?’ about your idea – I’ll show you how to get clarity with a simple exercise I use myself and with all my clients. I see real ‘A-ha moments’ when I do this exercise. It makes people feel super confident about an idea and helps them craft the perfect ‘Statement of Value’ for customers. I’ll also help you work out ‘What’s Stopping You?’ … PLUS there’s one SECRET question that I also ask all clients that often creates the most impact and change … I’ll tell you what it is at the workshop
  • The ‘5 MUST HAVE Relationship Building Photos and Videos’ I have learned that you need in your business or e-commerce store … and why they are important!
  • How I learned to create 15 second videos or presentations … and how this fits with making great offers to customers to moving them through your Customer Value Journey  

… and more    


What do you need to do before?

Nothing.  Just sign up for the 101 PRO Start Workshop now. All you need is a positive attitude. That’s more important than your knowledge and skills. By purchasing the bundle you’ll make a commitment to yourself and a promise to take action.   


Prove It – Don’t just take my word for it

Now I know people love testimonials with names, job titles and faces. It makes it more relatable. However, I make all of my evaluations anonymous with an option to give a name and contact details so I can dig a little deeper if needed. Most people don’t give a name. Here’s some testimonials:



► “O.m.g bin off this wk and applied for 3 jobs. All offered an interview and 1 got my C.V. from Indeed and asked me to go for interview when I never applied. Thanks 4 ur help” [sic] (by text to Mark)

► Co-Coaching – “Kirstin was absolutely brilliant when helping me secure my placement, completed in my third year as part of my University course. She helped and supported me through every stage of the application process, from the CV writing, through the assessment centre and with the final interview. I cannot recommend or thank her enough for all she did to prepare me fully for each stage of the application process” (from Kirstin’s LinkedIn Profile)

► “Whatever the problem, day or time (be it 7am or midnight), I know that I am always welcomed with any questions that I may have. His teaching styles are creative, enjoyable and valuable. He is very honest with his opinion and gets straight to the point. Mark’s kindness and helpfulness constantly makes me smile, and sets me up for a day full of motivation, even on some of my more challenging days. MB is clearly very knowledgeable; be it about web design, professional online presence or even Disney princesses. I feel as though I can really be myself and talk about any problems that I feel relevant; Mark will always help, however possible”


Projects, Mentorships and Challenges

► “One of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had”

► “The 153 Mile Challenge – a brilliant, simple and accessible idea which we wanted to adopt for a (large scale) youth based project up in the Lancaster area” (Guy Christiansen, Creative Learning Director at The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster)

► “The Pirates of St Cleopas enjoyed the whole journey of ‘the adventure starts’. The simplicity of taking a theme from a story book and bringing it to life over a 3 month period was genius! It allowed the children to explore, experience and share! The training was so valuable to the project, it inspired staff, re-energised our outlook in provision, and most importantly allowed us to re-visit the aims of our play provision. The project allowed parents and families to get involved…. Dig out photo’s, share treasured memories with their children and collect items. Although it was initially to engage children, it very much engaged the families of the children involved. Many thanks to Mark for all your support, a treasured project :-)”


Guided Learning and On-Site Training

► “I was worried that I would not understand everything.  The time passed very quickly because Mark made the whole talk so easy and enjoyable to understand.  I am so pleased I attended this event”

► “Previous Safeguarding courses/presentations were very dry, legalistic and boring.  [This event resulted in me understanding] that Safeguarding is part of a normal conversation and person-to-person relationship.  I’m less worried about Safeguarding, more confident and happier. I would recommend this event as it takes the fear out of Safeguarding”

► “I thought it would be PowerPoint presentations and reading through handouts.  [I now have] a much better understanding of how to deal with Safeguarding issues.  Don’t be scared of safeguarding. I would recommend this event because the delivery was fun, challenging and informative”

► “Thanks to @lcvsuw for a great course this morning! Special thanks to SilentFullback for the wealth of knowledge. #liverpool #safeguarding” (by Twitter to Mark)

► “Mark was honest, knowledgeable and concise. I feel confident knowing how to move forward”

► “Important, Easy Access and Enjoyable”

► “Interesting, Real, Detailed, Helpful and Relaxed”

► “Love the more casual, non-classroom approach”

► “Personalised”

► “Fun, Good Pace and Relaxing”

► “Really good interaction between attendees. Fun and Enjoyable”

► “Enjoyed the Course. Online training a new way of learning. Really easy and enjoyable”

► “Group discussions were very beneficial. Internet sources were informational. Overall: AMAZING AND KNOWLEDGABLE!” [sic]

► “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The group discussions were really useful. The content was very good. I would do more courses online”

► “The tutor was excellent, making us use our brains. He didn’t talk down to us”

► “Very friendly tutor”

► “The training was in a relaxed atmosphere and the emphasis on it being a team responsibility was refreshing and enabling”

► “The warm up was gentle and good. The questions were focused but straight forward”

► “Course is fun, knowledgable and transferable”

► “Mark was a great trainer/co-ordinator/leader and it was an enjoyable 2 days”


Mark Bryce (Personal)

► “I have always found you to be constructive, diplomatic, focussed, committed and above everything else honest beyond reproach (which personally I feel is your strongest asset)”

► “[…] this quality emanates from Mark’s own self efficacy, his ability to empathise, his positive self esteem and self worth. He approaches difficult tasks with tenacity, viewing them as challenges rather than threats. Mark excels in communication skills, having the ability to communicate at all levels. He is able to assess situations quickly and adapt his mode of communication to fit the circumstances”

► “[…] Mark B. You are one of the most supportive level headed kind hearted people I have met, And I am so glad we have managed to have chats where you always seem to help me rethink.”


Get Started

So, you’ve read this far – thank you. You’re obviously interested. Please click the following link to buy the bundle and start taking action now.