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NEW PAGE ADDED | The Fashion Industry, Stay Excited Series 1 Collected Edition

Mark on Fullback and Friends | Over the past 6 weeks Laura Kent has been contributing to my blog Fullback and Friends. I first got to know Laura when I mentored her about business cards and websites. In fact this is her testimonial from that time:

“Whatever the problem, day or time (be it 7am or midnight), I know that I am always welcomed with any questions that I may have. His teaching styles are creative, enjoyable and valuable. He is very honest with his opinion and gets straight to the point. Mark’s kindness and helpfulness constantly makes me smile, and sets me up for a day full of motivation, even on some of my more challenging days. MB is clearly very knowledgeable; be it about web design, professional online presence or even Disney princesses. I feel as though I can really be myself and talk about any problems that I feel relevant; Mark will always help, however possible”

I guess it was mentored her about business cards, websites and DISNEY PRINCESSES!

Laura became a good friend and regularly commented and shared posts on my Facebook page. It was only logical that we invited her to contribute to our blog. This is the Collected edition of her first Series. This is an amazing collection of posts and a must read for anyone that has recently graduated and wants to stay excited about their degree subject, be it fashion or not. Read it and share.


100 Career Posts in One Place – ‘Featured Categories’ Added to the Blog

Mark on Fullback and Friends: We are making a few changes to the blog so we can introduce Guided Learning Content.  You may have noticed the new layout.  In order to introduce Guided Learning we’ve added a new feature to the blog called ‘Featured Categories’.  Our first Category is #topperformer.  This brings together 100 of our previous Career, Interview and CV related posts into just one page.  The page contains links to help in your search for a new job or give you that little extra help you need just before you go onto that all important interview.

Add a comment if you have any favourite posts or would like us to pick out any specific posts so they are easier and quicker to find for other people.



My name is Mark Bryce and this is my personal webpage.  This page was set up as a home for my 360 Gamertag (SilentFullback) and other Profiles.  It’s also a quick way to share some of my favourite websites and music.  SilentFullback was chosen as my gamertag for a number of reasons.  Firstly because it was my rugby position and secondly because it creates a great character for my favourite games (First Person Shooters).