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Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

Thanks for your interest in my talks and visiting this page.  

I’ve been trading as Tyrer Sorrel since 2001 … and training and coaching for more than 25 years.

For businesses, I talk about 4 stages of intimacy and why it’s important for leadership and sales. I link it to AIDA in copywriting and also customer value journeys. I focus on helping you get ‘face-to-face’ with your customers. We can then go onto work on things like ‘Client Onboarding’, ‘Customer Experiences’ and more. You’ve made the sale, let’s make the relationship.

I also talk about why everyone needs a trusted support team to help them get more time, be more resilient, handle uncertainty and increase their income. I include the power of remote/social teams alongside flexible working. For example DISCO entrepreneurship, part time leadership or using tools like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, even when you sit next to each other. I’ve won awards for implementing remote working.

This page will explain my network, group or team talks and give you a link to book me for a talk (up to 60 minutes). There are more specific themes and topics later down the page.

If you are looking to start a series, rather than book a talk, please click here.

So, let’s get started …..


Inside the talks your audience or members will learn:

  • 3 things they need to know to move forward in their careers, business or relationships … AND they don’t need to have any experience or be an expert to do them.  If they are stuck, it will save them wasted time and energy
  • How I’ve tried and refined every exercise I talk about and deliver, for more than 18 years … Whilst doing that I found out something I didn’t expect in a million years.  In ‘Lead and Love’ or ‘Hang On, Maybe I Can’ I’ll explain what that is … AND why it’s important
  • In ‘The Leader, The Job Hunter and the Stand Up Comedian’ I’ll explain the one thing that almost all the people I have career coached have in common … The one thing that actually stops them getting a job or leading their team effectively … AND I’ll talk about a proven exercise that can change it   

….. and more


Reasons not to book me ….. 

  • You don’t want engagement – I like to be active, visual and be part of the group with activities such as ’15 Minute Challenges’ and ’15 Second Content’
  • You want a talk where your audience reads from a screen the whole time. A talk where the audience doesn’t participate – That’s not me. I try to follow a format of 5 slides max + a story + an activity + Q&A
  • You want an 100+ slide PowerPoint delivering – I’ll do it, if needed, but again that’s not me. I once did a full day training with just 1 slide and 3 embedded videos

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Here’s three quick testimonials about my previous events to give you an idea of what my training and talks are really like:  

  • “I was worried that I would not understand everything.  The time passed very quickly because Mark made the whole talk so easy and enjoyable to understand.  I am so pleased I attended this event”
  • “I thought it would be PowerPoint presentations and reading through handouts.  [I now have] a much better understanding of how to deal with Safeguarding issues.  Don’t be scared of safeguarding. I would recommend this event because the delivery was fun, challenging and informative” 
  • “Mark has been an outstanding trainer taking those [that] have struggled and showing them patience and understanding till they grasped the concepts. The training is PowerPoint heavy but Mark made it engaging and enjoyable” – NOTE: I sometimes have to delivery predefined company PowerPoint content but will always try and bring it to life

Now I know people love testimonials with names, job titles and faces. It makes it more relatable. However, I make all of my evaluations anonymous with an option to give a name and contact details so I can dig a little deeper if needed. Most people don’t give a name. There are more testimonials further down this page.


My Talks

  • [SIGNATURE TALK] Intimacy, Lead and Love – The importance of intimacy and identity for lasting relationships and business.  This can include ’35 Power Words, resources and activities for great leadership and deeper relationships’. For participants interested in personal relationships, it can include ‘Why it’s important to not sacrifice a relationship in pursuit of business or career success.  You can have both’. For participants interested in business, we also offer Intimacy, Relationships and Revenue. One of the next steps after this talk is a SIMPLIFY: Client Onboarding Series
  • [BUSINESS TALK] The Power of Words, Videos and Images – How powerful statements, words, visuals and stories can make staff and customers “feel like #1”, develop trust and increase revenue. Statements can be designed for each talk and have included ‘I am _____ I can ____ and ‘Hang On, Maybe I can ____’. The next steps after this talk include a SIMPLIFY: Customer Experience and Content Series (with e-commerce and real world elements)
  • [CAREER TALK] The Leader, The Job Hunter and the Anxious Stand Up Comedian – Nerves vs Anxiety. Learn what anxiety is really all about and how to overcome it … PLUS learn how to handle uncertainty and deal with criticism or rejection. The next steps after this talk include a SIMPLIFY: Leader by Day, Owner by Night Series (DISCO Entrepreneur Practical Projects)   
  • [SOCIAL TEAMS TALK] Collaborate, Party Up and Play BIG – I’m a gamer. I created ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’ (a daily fitness challenge). I can bring the leadership lessons from gaming and e-sports. The lessons from shared social and play activities. The lessons from and power of daily challenges. I’ll talk about how playing together can build resilience, collaboration and communication skills within a team. I’ll talk about the importance of ‘Support Teams’. ‘Party Up’ specifically highlights the importance of social support in remote team working. We take for granted how much social interaction happens in an office … and how important it really is for teams 

….. or a bespoke mix of the above content


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4 Reasons to book me:

  1. I’ll speak for FREE for up to 60 minutes.  Whilst I normally charge £475 or more for speaking and training, I will speak for FREE about ‘Leadership, Relationships, Resilience, Copywriting, Customer Experience and More’.  The reason? I want to get my message out there. I believe it’s an important one (see ‘My Message’ below)
  2. I’ve set up a ‘SIMPLIFY: Transformation Series’ as the next step for all talks. I’ll give a special rate for your audience or members to join my ‘5 Hour Group Learning, Development and Series Design Day’ (the next step).  I often find that people want to go a little deeper after I’ve spoken
  3. Money back to you on any sales to your audience.  That’s right I will give your audience a special rate to join my 5 Hour … AND I will give you a percentage back for any sales made at your talk.  If you don’t want me to sell at your event then I’ll totally respect that. All I ask is that I can give participants a link to subscribe to my list
  4. You and up to four guests can participate in my 5 Hour for FREE

A FREE talk + a special audience rate for my 5 Hour Group Learning, Development and Series Design Day + money back to you + you and up to four guests can take the next step for FREE

I’m interested! Let’s connect and book a FREE talk


My Message

Positive relationships are key to success. Most clients come to me from a talk or coaching. My main focus is relationship coaching. I always say I don’t know how it happened. I started with career coaching. At that point I had been in business for around 10 years (it’s more than 18 now) so people also wanted to talk about business or setting up a business. However, what happens when your business is struggling? Your relationships are impacted. You lose the intimacy and you start arguing with partners. People lose their marriages. I quickly realised that I was doing more relationship coaching than anything else. The importance of relationships was something I already knew. In 2001, when I first started my business, I was given a piece of advice. My first business mentor, Ray, told me something that I didn’t realise was so IMPORTANT at the time.  I listened though and it’s stayed with me to this day. Ray was divorced and told me “You must tell your partner what you’re doing and involve them in the business. You’ll lose them otherwise”.  I wanted to protect my partner, keep it all separate and effectively do it all alone. It was impossible. I let her become a key part of my team and she became my biggest supporter. I’m glad I listened to Ray. There’s always tough times and hard decisions. You need a support team. Over the years, I learned more and more the power of relationships and support teams for increasing confidence and resilience. I learned it was the same for personal and customer relationships. You’re biggest supporters help you go that extra mile. Help you be relentless. Remember you’re not alone … AND you don’t need to be. I want to share that message. I believe it’s important.


My Themes

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Women in Leadership
  3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  4. Leading and Communicating with Remote Teams
  5. Building and Cultivating Trust
  6. Team Collaboration
  7. Employee Engagement and Coaching
  8. Unlocking Resilience and Entrepreneurial Spirit
  9. Getting Organised, Project Tracking and Time Management
  10. Dealing with Conflict … and Diffusing Team Tension  


Topics Covered (Not Exhaustive)

Conflict resolution in lasting relationships and business

Working in a remote team … even if you sit next to each other 

Owning the energy of leadership and relationships 

How successful leaders and couples deal with stressful situations

The power of statements, self-talk, identity and intent (35 Words)

3 quick tips to maximise your time and productivity … especially if you’re a DISCO Entrepreneur (doing a job and running a business)

The power of team-talk and chat (Connected Teams) 

3 quick ways to increase your confidence and resilience

Teamwork and collaboration secrets

The importance of losing quickly

The importance of fun and keeping things simple

Pitching Pink Bananas (Sales, Marketing and Presentations)

The importance of priorities, objectives and progression paths       


Prove It – Don’t just take my word for it:


► “O.m.g bin off this wk and applied for 3 jobs. All offered an interview and 1 got my C.V. from Indeed and asked me to go for interview when I never applied. Thanks 4 ur help” [sic] (by text to Mark)

► Co-Coaching – “Kirstin was absolutely brilliant when helping me secure my placement, completed in my third year as part of my University course. She helped and supported me through every stage of the application process, from the CV writing, through the assessment centre and with the final interview. I cannot recommend or thank her enough for all she did to prepare me fully for each stage of the application process” (from Kirstin’s LinkedIn Profile)

► “Whatever the problem, day or time (be it 7am or midnight), I know that I am always welcomed with any questions that I may have. His teaching styles are creative, enjoyable and valuable. He is very honest with his opinion and gets straight to the point. Mark’s kindness and helpfulness constantly makes me smile, and sets me up for a day full of motivation, even on some of my more challenging days. MB is clearly very knowledgeable; be it about web design, professional online presence or even Disney princesses. I feel as though I can really be myself and talk about any problems that I feel relevant; Mark will always help, however possible”

Projects, Mentorships and Challenges

► “One of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had”

► “The 153 Mile Challenge – a brilliant, simple and accessible idea which we wanted to adopt for a (large scale) youth based project up in the Lancaster area” (Guy Christiansen, Creative Learning Director at The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster)

► “The Pirates of St Cleopas enjoyed the whole journey of ‘the adventure starts’. The simplicity of taking a theme from a story book and bringing it to life over a 3 month period was genius! It allowed the children to explore, experience and share! The training was so valuable to the project, it inspired staff, re-energised our outlook in provision, and most importantly allowed us to re-visit the aims of our play provision. The project allowed parents and families to get involved…. Dig out photo’s, share treasured memories with their children and collect items. Although it was initially to engage children, it very much engaged the families of the children involved. Many thanks to Mark for all your support, a treasured project :-)”

Guided Learning and On-Site Training

► “I was worried that I would not understand everything.  The time passed very quickly because Mark made the whole talk so easy and enjoyable to understand.  I am so pleased I attended this event”

► “Previous Safeguarding courses/presentations were very dry, legalistic and boring.  [This event resulted in me understanding] that Safeguarding is part of a normal conversation and person-to-person relationship.  I’m less worried about Safeguarding, more confident and happier. I would recommend this event as it takes the fear out of Safeguarding”

► “I thought it would be PowerPoint presentations and reading through handouts.  [I now have] a much better understanding of how to deal with Safeguarding issues.  Don’t be scared of safeguarding. I would recommend this event because the delivery was fun, challenging and informative”

► “Thanks to @lcvsuw for a great course this morning! Special thanks to @SilentFullback for the wealth of knowledge. #liverpool #safeguarding” (by Twitter to Mark)

► “Mark was honest, knowledgeable and concise. I feel confident knowing how to move forward”

► “Important, Easy Access and Enjoyable”

► “Interesting, Real, Detailed, Helpful and Relaxed”

► “Love the more casual, non-classroom approach”

► “Personalised”

► “Fun, Good Pace and Relaxing”

► “Really good interaction between attendees. Fun and Enjoyable”

► “Enjoyed the Course. Online training a new way of learning. Really easy and enjoyable”

► “Group discussions were very beneficial. Internet sources were informational. Overall: AMAZING AND KNOWLEDGABLE!” [sic]

► “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The group discussions were really useful. The content was very good. I would do more courses online”

► “The tutor was excellent, making us use our brains. He didn’t talk down to us”

► “Very friendly tutor”

► “The training was in a relaxed atmosphere and the emphasis on it being a team responsibility was refreshing and enabling”

► “The warm up was gentle and good. The questions were focused but straight forward”

► “Course is fun, knowledgable and transferable”

► “Mark was a great trainer/co-ordinator/leader and it was an enjoyable 2 days”

Mark Bryce (Personal)

► “I have always found you to be constructive, diplomatic, focussed, committed and above everything else honest beyond reproach (which personally I feel is your strongest asset)”

► “[…] this quality emanates from Mark’s own self efficacy, his ability to empathise, his positive self esteem and self worth. He approaches difficult tasks with tenacity, viewing them as challenges rather than threats. Mark excels in communication skills, having the ability to communicate at all levels. He is able to assess situations quickly and adapt his mode of communication to fit the circumstances”

► “[…] Mark B. You are one of the most supportive level headed kind hearted people I have met, And I am so glad we have managed to have chats where you always seem to help me rethink.”


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So, you’ve read this far.  Thank you. You’re obviously interested so please click the following link, connect with me and let’s book a FREE talk.


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