Mark Bryce


Mark has invested 18+ years running a business; 25+ years training people and the last 10+ years managing his own training and event programmes; coaching people; leading projects and writing content or copy for his clients.

Mark is a multiple award winner, across multiple teams, for himself and others. He combines a unique blend of flexibility, organisation and calm reassured confidence.  He is strategic and focused.  He is a maximiser, told that he sees “difficult tasks as challenges rather than threats”. Mark can communicate at all levels. He can also lead remote teams and high value projects.


Work with Mark


Mark has been trading as Tyrer Sorrel since 2001.  He is the creator of a number of training and event programmes: ‘Planning for Leadership Success’; ‘Pitching Pink Bananas’; ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’; ‘Award Winners – The Top Performer Network’; ‘The Secrets of Low Stress Connected Teams’; ‘Lead and Love, You Can Have Both’ … and more.

His programmes have been described as “fun, challenging, informative, creative, enjoyable and valuable”.

How many people has he worked with? Mark has 25,000+ direct customer and training interactions.  That’s real people Mark has helped be more confident; solve problems; solve customer service issues; overcome overwhelm; simplify complex tasks and take action.  He’s a problem solver. Most importantly he understands that you’re not going to discuss the real problems you have with someone you’ve only just met. He also knows that he can’t help everyone with everything.  That’s why he likes to ‘Connect and Talk’ to start.  Take a simple first step together.  Start a conversation; work on a Practical Project; review and go from there.  Practical Projects Mark uses include:

CV and LinkedIn Profile Review

Business Offer, Website or Promo Review (One Page)

Client Onboarding Review

Relationships or Leadership Style Review

….. and more.


Work with Mark

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