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Trading as Tyrer Sorrel since 2001, Online as SilentFullback

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Personal/Fitness Challenges

‘Round the World at Home Challenge’ *Correct 18/09/16*

Started as a Walk-Run Challenge on the 21/11/05 with the following target: 18,500 miles (706 Marathons at 26.22 miles) or equivalent to ‘Round the World’.  Hence the challenge title.  In 2015 biking was added and backdated to included ‘BT Miles’, ‘153 Miles, 7 Days (Bike)’ and ‘Music and Miles (Liverpool)’.  For comparison for ‘Bike’ the distance of The Tour de France is 2,200 miles.  In 2016 swimming was added and backdated using training logs. For comparison for ‘Swim’ the English Channel is 21 miles from England to France.

Total Miles: 15,014.74

  • Walk-Run | 12,879.55 (Equivalent to over 491 Marathons)
  • Bike | 2033.69
  • Swim | 101.5 (Equivalent to over 4 Channel Swims)

Other Stats:

  • Tracked Walk-Run (Day Max) 40.5 miles
  • Tracked Walk-Run (Week Max) 135.62 miles
  • Tracked Walk-Run (Year Max) 2182.96 miles
  • Tracked Bike (Week Max) 153 miles, completed in 5 days
  • Calculated Swim (Week Max) 12 miles

Step Calculator: Steps x 0.0005 = miles | 60 minute walk (1 hour); 30 minute run; 15 minute bike; 90 minute swim = 6000 CS or 3 CMi.


Business/Sponsorship Challenges

‘Tyrer Sorrel Fund the Fireteams Challenge’ *Correct 06/04/15*

20 Year Target: £20m of Connected Sales and Sponsorship for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Community Organisations, Twenty Charities, Tyrer Sorrel and More.

Total Sales and Sponsorship: £379,865

This challenge began life as the ‘Twenty Charities Challenge’ in September 2009; became the ‘Signature 20 Challenge’ in September 2014 and ‘Fund the Fireteams’ in 2016.

Other Stats:

  • Tracked Total Participants (Sept 2009 – Sept 2014) 22,587


  • £50,000 by 2014
  • £550,000 by 2019


Gaming Challenges

‘25,000 Multiplayer Games Challenge’ *Correct 18/09/16*

See Gaming Page


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