About Mark Bryce

7PM Products and Project Manager | Business Owner and Coach 

Mark has invested 18+ years running his own business; 25+ years training people and the last decade managing Bespoke Training and Development Programmes; Guiding Learning Subscriptions and Connected Projects for clients.

He combines a unique blend of flexibility, organisation and calm reassured confidence.  He is strategic and focused.  He is a maximiser, seeing “difficult tasks as challenges rather than threats”.  Mark can communicate at all levels and manage, lead or coach high value projects at pace.

Work with Mark

Mark has been trading as Tyrer Sorrel since 2001.  He is the creator of a number of training and event programmes: ‘Planning for Leadership Success’; ‘Pitching Pink Bananas’; ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’; ‘Award Winners – The Top Performer Network’; ‘The Secrets of Low Stress Connected Teams’ and more.

His programmes have been described as “fun, challenging, informative, creative, enjoyable and valuable”.

How many people has he worked with? Mark stopped counting at 25,000 direct customer and training interactions.  That’s real people Mark has helped increase confidence; solve customer service issues; overcome overwhelm; simplify complex tasks; take action and produce real results in their work or personal life.  He’s a private problem solver. Most importantly he understands that you’re not going to discuss the real problems you have with someone you’ve only just met AND he can’t help everyone with everything.  That’s why he likes to just connect and talk at first.  Take a simple first step.  Start a conversation, work on a practical project, review and go from there.  Practical Projects include CV Review; Business Plan or Promo Review; One Page Website Conversion and Optimisation Review; Relationship Style Review.  Click the following link to see how Mark can help you.

Connect and talk with Mark now and start a Practical Project

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