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Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

This blog,, used to be known as It was a progression of my original blog that linked to my Gamertag, SilentFullback. Read more on the ‘About this Blog‘ page.

Basically, I used when I was doing more personal social enterprise and charitable objectives such as ‘The 153 Mile Challenge‘.

I still use ‘SilentFullback’ for my social profiles … and I still love gaming. Please note, I use LinkedIn for Tyrer Sorrel/business but you can visit my SilentFullback social profiles at: Board on Pinterest


25,000+ First Person Shooter Multiplayer Matches

#1 Player ‘Brother in Arms Hells Highway’ as tracked by Raptr (17/08/2012).

#5 Player for zones captured (Titan Class) on ‘Destiny 1’ – 11,600+ as tracked by Destiny Tracker (12/07/2015).

Punk and Fullback on Halo Reach
Fullback on Destiny

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