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Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

This blog used to be known as It was a progression of my original blog that linked to my Gamertag, SilentFullback. Hence to name. Read more on the ‘About this Blog‘ page.

Basically, I used when I was doing my personal social enterprise and charitable objectives such as ‘The 153 Mile Challenge‘. I worked on my Social Enterprise projects, as part of ‘Fullback and Friends’, for 7 years and generated £406,258.62 of charitable funding, sales and sponsorship.

You will have got to this page if you used from one of my personal social profiles.

I still use ‘SilentFullback’ for my personal social profiles and I still love gaming … but I don’t play as often now. I’m now too busy loving yoga. It’s my new love.

Beach Yoga Photo

Visit my SilentFullback and personal social profiles at:

Note on my business social profiles: From 2018, I aligned this blog to my business activities trading as Tyrer Sorrel. The site became To connect for business please use ‘Mark Jason Bryce’ on LinkedIn not SilentFullback. You can read more about my business activities here. Board on Pinterest

Gaming History

25,000+ First Person Shooter Multiplayer Matches in Destiny, Halo and more.

#1 Player ‘Brother in Arms Hells Highway’ as tracked by Raptr (17/08/2012).

#5 Player for zones captured (Titan Class) on ‘Destiny 1’ – 11,600+ as tracked by Destiny Tracker (12/07/2015).

Punk and Fullback on Halo Reach
Fullback on Destiny