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Mark, trading as Tyrer Sorrel, will work with you on the Practical Project for #EveryoneStartsAtZero:

Create a new landing, offer or sales page for one product you have or want to have in the future

and help you complete it.

He will also work with you to:

Build and manage YOUR LIST


And turn on your Sales Machine with YOUR PAID ADS

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Practical Project Mentorships are valid until the agreed project is completed or for a 30 day period, whichever comes first. Here’s what a previous participant said about their recent Practical Project Mentorship (in branding):

“Whatever the problem, day or time (be it 7am or midnight), I know that I am always welcomed with any questions that I may have. His teaching styles are creative, enjoyable and valuable. He is very honest with his opinion and gets straight to the point. Mark’s kindness and helpfulness constantly makes me smile, and sets me up for a day full of motivation, even on some of my more challenging days. MB is clearly very knowledgeable; be it about web design, professional online presence or even Disney princesses. I feel as though I can really be myself and talk about any problems that I feel relevant; Mark will always help, however possible” (by chat to Mark)

Here’s what you will get:

FBF_Tick_Green ‘Biggest Problem, Biggest Opportunity Breakthrough Session’ and Website Audit with Mark

FBF_Tick_Green Our 7 Simple Steps Prompt Sheet for Entrepreneurs

FBF_Tick_Green 10 Articles You Should Read – based on needs and Project

FBF_Tick_Green Private Chat with Mark

FBF_Tick_Green Shared Pinterest board or Google Drive with Mark

FBF_Tick_Green Around day 11 we’ll touchbase and send 5 more articles, links and questions

FBF_Tick_Green Around day 22 we’ll touchbase and send 6 more articles, links and questions

FREE Bonus, worth £108

Because the Practical Project is online based and aimed at kickstarting your business we’ll also give you a FREE webspace for 1 year if you want it. Yep, that’s right you can get a Webspace for 12 months to get your business started. We are adding big value here at no extra cost. Don’t think either that because it’s free it must be low quality. We have a Developer account with Namesco. We will share our hosting with you and match the spec of their Professional Package. You’ll become part of our Connected Community on their Cloud Platform. At the time of writing they charge £107.88 if you buy it direct and you can see the quality/specs at It’s the same service that we have used for what must be well over a decade. You’ll also get access to a huge range of free web apps & 1-Click installs such as WordPress, Joomla and online stores. There’s no catch, all we ask is you pay for the assets such as domain names, templates or images to go on your webspace and manage it yourself. Self management is really simple and you really can do it yourself. However we can manage it for you for an additional charge.

Already have hosting? Save the fees you currently pay and use them on something else such as advertising. As part of the Mentorship we will help you make the transfer to our Connected Community. We’ll make sure it’s all working for you and put it back if you change your mind.

Don’t want a FREE Webspace? No problem you can have the Mentorship on it’s own. The webspace is a bonus, you’re only paying for the Mentorship anyway.

Get The Mentorship Offer Now