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Pirates Found Their Treasure! | Play Pirates with St Cleopas 468 | #153miles

The Pirates of St Cleopas enjoyed the whole journey of ‘the adventure starts’ The simplicity of taking a theme from a story book and bringing it to life over a 3 month period was genius! It allowed the children to explore, experience and share! The training was so valuable to the project, it inspired staff, re-energised our outlook in provision, and most importantly allowed us to re-visit the aims of our play provision.

The project allowed parents and families to get involved…. Dig out photo’s, share treasured memories with there children, collect items. although it was initially to engage children, it very much engaged the families of the children involved.

Many thanks to mark for all your support, a treasured project πŸ™‚

The Adventure Starts! | Play Pirates with St Cleopas 468 | #153miles

Well after 3 weeks into ‘the Adventure starts’ project we have a fab display……. and a gang of pirate trainees!! OOOOOaaaarrrrr!!! SHIP MATES, this ships about to sail! Going really well & big thanks to Claire for her creative fun!

next week its treasure chest making. and treasures we will find!


(St Cleopas 468)

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