About This Site and Welcome Message from Mark

Hi, I’m Mark Bryce,

Welcome to my blog.  Initially this site started life as my personal site and a simple home for my Xbox Gamercard. SilentFullback is my Xbox Gamertag (hence the name on my personal social profiles). At the start the blog was hosted on Windows Live.  It was just a simple site to list my influences, favourite films and other stuff that I liked.

In 2009, I moved the blog to WordPress and it became fullbackandfriends.com.  This was when I aligned my business activities with my personal challenges, work with charities and other social enterprises. I needed a place to share the content.

In 2018, I aligned the site to my business activities trading as Tyrer Sorrel. The blog became tyrersorrel.com.  Tyrer Sorrel has been my trading name since 2001.  Whilst some of the pages have been moved over the years, all of the existing content from ‘fullbackandfriends’ still remains. It’s just a different name.

On the blog you’ll now find:

  • Content from and about my business (Tyrer Sorrel)
  • Content from friends and professional associates
  • Personal posts
  • Legacy Posts about my personal challenges and work for charities

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Thanks for visiting.