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Mark Bryce, trading as Tyrer Sorrel since 2001 and online as SilentFullback

Trainer | Gamer | Entrepreneur

I am more than 13,200 Miles ‘Round the World at Home’

I have played more than 6200 games of Halo Reach competitive multiplayer, 4000 games of Destiny multiplayer and 2275 games of Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer

I believe in doing the ‘Small Things Everyday’ and getting big results

Welcome to my personal blog.  Initially it started life as my personal site and a simple home for my Xbox Gamercard on Windows Live (hence SilentFullback).  It was just a site to list my influences, favourite films and other stuff that I liked.  Since then SilentFullback has become my identity across the web and my personal site has grown to become a home for:

  • Personal Posts
  • Posts by friends and professional associates
  • Posts from and about Tyrer Sorrel (my business)
  • Posts from my ‘Fund the Fireteams Challenge’ (includes work for charities)
  • Posts from ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’ (including ‘Blog Its’ by participants). Part of my ‘Round the World at Home Challenge’

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please follow the blog and be social – tweet, like or comment on my posts.

Your friend and coach,


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