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Punk and Fullback on Halo Reach

Fullback on Destiny

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Game Tracking *Correct 18/09/2016*

23,403 Multiplayer matches in ‘First Person Shooter’ titles, including:

  • Halo Reach | 6,250
  • Destiny | 4,007
  • Halo 5 | 4,821
  • Other | 8,325

Stat Trackers

Halo Reach

Gaming Target: Benchmarked BPR 53.  Completed Benchmarked BPR of 53 on 29/08/12.  More medals and games after this including 13 Perfection Medals.

Other Stats

#1 Player ‘Brother in Arms Hells Highway’ as tracked by Raptr (17/08/2012).

#5 Player for zones captured (Titan Class) on ‘Destiny’ – 11,600+ as tracked by Destiny Tracker (12/07/2015).

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