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Laura is a 2015 Textiles in Practice graduate from the Manchester School of Art. Specialising in embroidery and embellishment work, Laura’s practice focuses upon the translation of natural surface patterns, into textile design.  As well as embroidery techniques, Laura spent her final degree year specialising in glass; replicating her hand-drawn marks into glass work and embellishment pieces, such as beads.

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“Laura’s work was beautifully presented at New Designers this year. Her sleek and minimal neutral colour range, which focused on whites, light greys and transparencies was a real highlight for me. I invited her to submit her work for inclusion in an up and coming Future Materials & Surface Trend Forecast I am editing. The images she provided were a delight to have and are presented very professionally.”

Laura Perryman, Colour & Materials Designer | Trend Consultant | Creative Director

“Laura is a professional and enthusiastic designer that produces high quality and beautifully constructed beadwork. She is very patient and dedicated to her craft. Laura is highly sociable and friendly with fellow work colleagues and passionate about creative design work.”

Tamzin Riches, Freelance Artist | Fellow Textiles Graduate 2015

“Laura’s textile work is amazing, she pushes boundaries and materials. I’ve watched Laura’s progress through Manchester Metropolitan University with great interest. It was no surprise that she was included in New Designers this year. Laura is truly a name to watch in textiles and contemporary embroidery, she will go far.”

Maggie Hollinshead, Textile Artist | Gallery Owner | Mentor | Writer


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